Boobs and Bed Rest
September 08, 2006

Ginger will honestly put anything in her mouth. Typically this includes left over chicken wings from construction sites, but it can include any garbage, dog shit and tonight my boob. I was sitting here, mouth level, when she licked my boob. My best guess is the salty, perfume scent attracted her, but it does create a lot better imagery than that. Ginger, Anne, boob. Nice huh? While Ginger will put anything in her mouth, I will let anything come out of mine. At times there does not appear to be a filter. I will constantly criticize (at this point it is just critcism, the propsenity to chat/gossip is left for later). I cannot stop "pointing out" Magoo's issues. It is terribly unfair. Am I perfect? Asbolutely not. Am I stubborn? Hell yeah. Will I point out anything for the sake of it? Double that, hell yeah. It is horrifically unfair. Set aside the hypocrisy, but I would be unhappy to be with someone who was my spitting image. Diversity is key and in reality lends itself to less strife. It is just when I am unhappy I will take it out on the closest target. At this time, that target is Magoo. If all goes well that someone will be Magoo for a lot longer The irony is that the pointing out these "issues" will hopefully not push him away. Again, someone that was my double would NEVER handle these pointings outs (as I would not be able to). However, his easy going nature makes it possible to accept my criticsm and ignore it for what it is not. It is not meant to be anything. Truly it is nothing. It is my own tiredness relfecting on the nearest target, the one that is the most comfortable, the one that is most like my cozy bed. He presents that bed like feeling of being an easy, close target. Yet tonight his tiredness sent him to our bed. I will not blame myself, per se. I will just accept that one gets tired, understanding is a lesson he can teach me. For now I will let Ginger lick my boob, afterall it is Friday night, I have had some cockpails and a girl needs some action.



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