Sleepy Sunday
November 19, 2006

I am: a woman, a lawyer, an Aries, a daughter, a sister, an overly analytical person, a poor tennis player, a 36C, a girlfriend, good with directions, tired, always five minutes late, a good friend, stubborn, a big fan of coffee, a Jew, able to understand some Spanish, a beagle owner, obsessed with food, a dirty martini drinker, terrified of the dentist, a Tulane alum, a Bucs fan, a blogger.

I want: a digital camera, health for my family, to lose 10 lbs, to travel to Greece, to be a mother, to have a full sized kitchen, a cup of hot cider, to be a better chef, to save money, a trip to the beach, good girlfriends, a beautiful day off, a warm comforter, a tan, the Hurricanes to start winning again.

I hate: standing in line, incompetence, traffic jams, my upstairs neighbors, feeling incompetent, paying my bills, eating seafood, horror movies, gin, jello, my irritable stomach, the sound of a drill.

I love: my baby sister, my beagle, my man, my parents, my friend, my good health, my safety, my status as a US citizen, my education, my heritage, my wealth.

I miss: being 17, living near Audubon Park, being a student, my sister, old episodes of 90210, Allison, Pam, Beth and all my friends who are not here, my apartment at 435 State Street, fitting into my Seven Jeans, skipping class at the Fly, going to the dog park, being a carefree Palmetto High student, summer vacation, three-for-one happy hours at the Boot, drive thru daiquiris, our backyard.

I fear: poor health, getting in a car accident, Magoo leaving me, root canals, losing my family, losing my job, having to call a plumber, ac repairman or Triple A, getting fat, I may not make my quarterly bonus, I will be alone, I will be found out.

I hear: the Dallas Cowboys game in the background, the sound of the washing machine, the pots and pans of dinner preparations, Ginger snoring.

I sing: poorly, in my car, to myself, out loud.

I dance: like a crazy person, with my hips, at weddings, in the nude, in a former life with tap shoes.

I cry: at commercials, when I am upset, when I am scared, upon seeing pictures of New Orleans, when my feelings are hurt, when I feel insulted, what I am frustrated, at a touching scene, all the time, during some movies.

I am not always: truthful, on time, awake, alert, kind, easy to get along with, understanding.

I start: with the letter A, with Tropicana OJ every morning, my car with the foot on the brake, my shower before I get in.

I finish: this meme.


Blogger Southern Fried Mom said:

Love your blog...I found you through the NaBloPoMo randomizer. Do you mind if I borrow your list? It's getting close to bedtime & I can't think of anything to write about.

8:11 PM 

Blogger e.b. said:

Of course. Parts were taken from others I have seen. It actually turned out to be quite a little challenge....

5:49 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous said:

You can scratch one fear off the list...Magoo will never leave you. I love you sweetheart!

6:22 AM 

Anonymous justrun said:

Good job. One of the better memes I've seen lately.

6:34 AM 

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