Mother's Day
May 11, 2007

My Mother Taught Me:

To love animals and really dogs unconditionally
The meaning of a mothers hugs - they are filled with love
The value of a good bargain
Diet coke, low calories, sugar substitutes, fruits, veggies, and all things involved in healthy eating
The worth of well made clothes
How to value and care for your parents
The importance of painted nails - they are just plain naked without
Jewelry is important - pearls, diamonds, and any other bauble in between
Money is not everything
Cashmere in sweaters or in general because blankets and scarves are nice too
How to take care of your skin - we are a wrinkle free group
To wear nude bras under white tees and for that matter a little padding never hurt anyone
How to set a proper table
How to be bold and say what is on your mind
To drink wine really but vodka is not too far behind
Hi sweetie
Why you must love flowers either given as a gift or bought for yourself
Why you always need two pairs of sneakers
Interior decorating - though she still kicks my ass at that with impeccable taste
No thank you portions - they won't kill you
To enjoy a good book, the value of reading, and the joy of spending an afternoon doing such
TNF - that's not fair for those who want to use it
Knock wood, everything is fine
Reuse recycle
Shulffi and all things Yiddish
The importance of good oral hygiene - she has survived the dentist more than one person ever should
How to be strong
How not to whine - I still have a ways to go
How to be the Queen of Scrabble - well she has not taught me that yet though I hope she does as she gets seven letter words on triple word scores and kicks all our butts up and down the street
Keeping warm with a good foot rub, socks and an open oven - hey it's Florida we don't need the heat
Patience and perspective - two things she has an infinite ability to control and an area I have miles to go
The beauty of the Green Mountains - despite my sworn to love of the beach
That tennis can be fun and great exercise
Chocolate really is a cure all - even if she thinks it is milk chocolate and I vote for dark
Happy Mother's Day - to a mom who has taught me more than a list can show, kicks butt on every item and looks great doing it. Thank you.

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Blogger JustRun said:

Beautiful post for your mom. :)

6:14 AM 

Blogger Princess Extraordinaire said:

Wonderful post - thanks!

8:20 AM 

Blogger acaligurl said:

kudos to your mom. you're a great girl!!!

12:57 PM 

Anonymous brandy said:

Well said. And about being excellent at Scrabble, maybe it's a mom thing because my mom always whips us when we play too! Maybe they should have an ultimate mom scrabble tournament. Yeah, I would pay to watch that.

1:32 PM 

Blogger Bre said:

Such a great post! And I'm with her on the nails thing - naked isn't a fun look for mine! :)

3:20 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Such a sweet post to your mom... and yes, milk or dark chocolate are a definitely cures for anything! ;)

4:47 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Way to appreciate your mom

7:33 PM 

Anonymous dreaming said:

yr lucky you still have a mom. i dont, and man it sucks. you wdnt believe how alone in the world it makes you feel sometimes....

9:02 PM 

Blogger brookem said:

nice post!!

and beautiful picture. you all look so happy. and i love the colors.

7:41 AM 

Blogger Cute Jewess said:

What a lovely tribute--I can see the resemblance!

7:50 AM 

Anonymous ruby said:

Cute post! Your mom rocks! She is right about sooooooo much, consider yourself well taught!

11:11 AM 

Blogger runliarun said:

Your mother didn't miss too much - she's a great lady. And she also taught you... you have a story to tell.

8:19 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous said:

My mom always chastises me and Lil Sis about the no thank you portion, too!

So it's a real thing, huh?

I don't care. I'm a plate-cleaner.

9:45 AM 

Blogger Pam said:

Great post! I really like that picture.

9:50 AM 

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