Asked and Answered
April 24, 2007

You all are awesome and have some really great questions that have been fun and sometimes very hard to answer. I enjoyed getting some of those ideas and thoughts out there and writing totally off the cuff. No seriously this had not been edited. Thanks and enjoy my responses - I tried my bestest to be honest.

Have you and Magoo talked about marriage? Yes, we do talk about it and it is something we are both interested in doing - just not quite right now. And not to each other. Ha just kidding!

How long have you been together? Just about a year and a half. We met in December 2005 and consider our first real official date to have been in January 2006.

What do you think is your best quality? Oh crap this is one that I had to come back to. I want to be honest and exact. I want to say it is my kindness and caring. Though I am certain others will disagree....

Your worst? My propensity to gossip and in turn think evil ugly thoughts. It is horrific sometimes. I am going to give you two - I am also VERY stubborn.

If you had to commit to eating the same exact meal, every day, for the rest of your life, what would you choose? This too is super tough because you think of foods you like and wonder if you would want them morning, noon, and night and how I get sick of things really easily. And how something to that extent would make anyone sick. But I have to suspend reality and though surprisingly (if in this world weight did not matter because reality has been suspended) I probably could eat some form of a pizza. I always like pizza and have never had a bad experience and I do really crave it more days than I care to admit to.

Who are you more like, your mother or father? I look identical to my mother, totally a spitting image, but I am personality wise like my father.

What is your favorite outfit that you own? Oh god I swear I have not totally thought about this in years because in my much younger days I had my favorites. But I have favorite items that make me HAPPY to wear. A pair of pink and green Manolos that I always get compliments on, my Citizen jeans that I wear all the time, a handful of pants from Express because they get me out of having to think about work clothes, three or four pairs of super comfy linen-ish pants from JCrew, a ridiculous cleavage dress from Diane Von Furstenberg.

How many kids do you want? Some days none - Ginger and Magoo seem like a handful. And growing up, even through college, I was always the girl who said she never wanted kids. But that changed and on most days I can't wait, simply want to jump out of my skin with anticipation of having babies, can't wait. But even then it is likely only one or two.

Boys/girls? I don't know what I would do with a boy. I have always seen myself with girls - little beautiful girls with ribbons, dresses, ballet shoes and painted nails.

And what do you want to name them? I got nothing here. Not-a-thing. Sorry that is the honest answer and not a cop out.

What kind of law do you practice? At my new job I do insurance defense - construction, asbestos, professional liability, real estate and whatever else the insurance company sends over. We also do insurance coverage issues. Someone asked me this in another post - but it is all litigation which means a lot of time in the car driving to depositions and hearings.

How tall are you? 5'6"

Have you lived in any states other than FL and LA? You know what, I have not. I spent many a summer in Vermont and my parents still summer up there, but I have never resided there or elsewhere.

What would you want to be if you weren't a lawyer? Holy good god in heaven that is awesome and I don't know where to start. I did a post like this not too long ago. But I would love to be able to be on my own - no boss, working from home. It is not the work that I mind just the restrictions. But honestly, a news reporter really really strikes me. Don't ask - I answered these from the gut.

What made you start blogging? Reading others blogs was inspiring and helpful to see what other (mostly women) go through. I thought that I could do this and it could help me out during a time when I needed an extra shoulder to lean on. I always had a journal but neglected it in recent months - this seemed to be a good fit for that problem.

Which fictional character do you most identify with? This was the hardest of the questions to answer. I drew a blank on fiction there for a good three hours and had to come back. Do not laugh but there are many a day that go by where I feel like Ally McBeal. No I don't wear those skirts, but her life and law firm practice were not that far off from the crazy that goes on here.

Why did you want to be a lawyer? I was that girl who always knew she wanted to be a lawyer - though the reasons for that do not actually directly effect what I do on a day to day basis. Because sometimes I feel like I shovel shit and I don't think anyone went to school for that. But seriously, I was involved in high school debate and enjoyed politics and hey, arguing. So it seemed natural - as in seriously it was never a question as that this is what I was going to do. At least for awhile.

Is Magoo a lawyer and if not what does he do? Yes Magoo is a lawyer - he went to law school, passed the Bar, and is a member of the Florida Bar. But he does not technically practice law as he is not allowed. Ha, that sounds funny. He is also a CPA and works at a super duper large accounting firm - which prevents him from legally practicing, though he uses his legal smarts all day long and is doing a "lawyer's" job that is heavy on the accounting.

Do you think women in the workplace will ever have an even playing field? In some ways no, I just don't think there will ever be equal treatment and there are a ton of factors that contribute to that - stereotypes, biases, pregnancy, etc. But in other ways, yes I do, as we move on as a society and it becomes more and more the norm for women to have leadership and executive roles they will be able to rid the workplace of the inequities and the younger generations will not even be given the chance to think of it any other way.

What do you feel is the most important thing women can do or say to get their voice heard at work? This is a really really tough one for me because I am super soft spoken at work and I have a hard time making my needs known as a person and not as a woman. And we all know it is a hard line to cross because no one wants to be that obnoxious bitch ass. But I think you have to tow that line - be graceful and charming when appropriate to earn respect and power but speak up only when necessary so they know that you have something to say and are choosing this opportunity to say it and not just running your mouth to be heard. Keep your opinions and attitudes to yourself and share only what is necessary. I also like to think that the proper place and time are key - larger groups and heated discussions are often not the place to actually make your point. Wait and approach someone individually, it could have more impact. Also accept that you may not get credit for your actions but know that you are behind them which is what is important.

Do you read many books? Yes in general I am reader, my mom is a librarian so it is a must. Though it goes in fits and starts. I find the lounging in sun by the pool time helps me knock out quite a few. Something about the winter months finds me less inclined.

What was the last good one you read? Last truly good book that every one should read and that I now buy as presents was Truth and Beauty by Ann Patchett. Read it now.

Do you think we ever "make peace" with our bodies? Not in my life time I won't. I wish the best for some people. I just know I can't get there - I put on weight thinking about putting on weight so I will ALWAYS HAVE TO BE CAREFUL.

Do you ever freak out at the idea of marriage? Actually, no never.

Would you rather snort a pint of ice cream in one sitting or never be allowed to wear jewelry again? The horrific case of lactose intolerance that will ruin my stomach and the plumbing at my house from consuming a pint of ice cream (even via my nasal passages), is every bit worth the life time of glittery shiny baubles, pearls, and diamonds.

How many times have you made out with someone and realized afterwards that, not only do you not know, but you don't even care what his name is? Bonus points for chicks. (psych! - fake bisexuality gets you beat up.) Zero chicks. Do ex boyfriends count?

Red or Meth? Reds. Meth is for losers.

What's your best dance move? Ask Magoo and he will agree and I even did a rendition for him on Saturday night - the Running Man.

How fast can you push it over the Howard Franklin? Last week I had an experience on that bridge that made me want to eat deep friend dog shit instead of having to drive on it again. I vow to avoid it for a long while and I am a Tampa slut and try not to go over that a way anyway.

Why is a mouse when it spins? The higher the fewer. Though I prefer, "No Soap Radio"

If you had to drown in a liquid other than water what would it be? Vodka

What do you wish you would have invented? Air conditioning. This the first thing that popped into my head. It is genius and I don't know how people, especially in Florida, lived without it.

$1 million dollars to start a charity of your choice. What's your cause? I am not sure a mil is enough these days to really start a program and put it in place. I could dump the money into an existing one. But I like the idea of a community based grass roots program that would have a Federal Grant from Head Start or a Welfare to Work Program.


Blogger dara said:

This seems like it was fun.

And I'd choose to drown in Vodka too. In fact, I think I've been close a couple of times.

11:41 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I meant Redman or Method Man.

You're awesome.

12:01 PM 

Blogger e.b. said:

super fun - I was surprised by the number and variety though. I also expected beauty questions and I am not sure why, but I didn't get any. Go figure.

Magoo said that was the case but I liked my answer and like I said I went with my gut. Plus meth is for losers, just ask my neighbor.

12:03 PM 

Blogger brandy said:

That's funny that you mentioned no beauty questions, I sort of thought when I checked back someone would have asked a few. But no, instead we all had to be intellectual and ask big questions about jobs and marriage and gender equality! Just kidding. Loved your answers. (Oh, and I agree on the Ann Patchett!)

12:08 PM 

Blogger e.b. said:

brandy - i loved the questions you guys came up with. it was more interesting for all involved to think about and answer those questions than what color lipstick do i wear. because really i don't wear any and the q's i got made me think. some of them really really did. so thanks.

12:10 PM 

Blogger Ryane said:

Shoot. I would NEVER snort ice-cream at the expense of wearing jewelry. I like ice-cream and all that...but jewelry--well, just no. hahahahahahahahaha. Great answers...

12:57 PM 

Blogger brookem said:

oh i love your answers! seriously. it's not like you'd probably think to blog about what liquid you'd want to drown in, out of the blue.

1:02 PM 

Anonymous justrun said:

How fun!

Also, I would drown in rum. And I wouldn't have had to think about that one, either. :)

1:48 PM 

Blogger magnetbabe said:

Great answers! Yes, I noticed the questions were all quite deep, even the ones that at first glance didn't seem to be. Fun fun fun.

2:28 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous said:

awesome answers. those were hard questions. thanks for sharing.

4:20 PM 

Blogger Bre said:

I'm completely comfortable with you spendin 1 million dollars to start a grassroots "Bre Shoe Fund" charity.

Just in case the other one doesn't work out... I figured you'd appreciate the options :)

terrific answers!

8:09 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Wow I learned so much about you.
I have to say I am a big fan of the running man and sometimes to make people laugh and prove I'm coordinated I'll do it while rubbing my belly and patting my head just

8:21 PM 

Blogger Ally said:

Fun! And now I know what Red and Meth are...well not really, but I know what the terms are at least referring to.

9:30 PM 

Blogger e.b. said:

These were in some ways totally random quesitons but in other ways some simple facts that did not feel at all super personal.

And Bre I am working on that fund for you. Working real hard!

7:42 AM 

Blogger Jessica said:

You are a genius darling.

9:04 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I got all excited that my questions were answered! Like a little kid that gets picked for the cool team. What a dork...

3:02 PM 

Blogger acaligurl said:

i love reading people's answers! you get to know someone alittle better (well as best you can know a blog friend) anyway i say you are fun to be around and witty...hmm and not shy!

8:49 PM 

Blogger Cute Jewess said:

Wow, you've got a lot more patience than I do to answer questions!!

4:45 AM 

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