What you don't know
September 13, 2006

1. I listen to country music.
2. I hate tomatoes, except in salsa and ketchup. Otherwise I could vomit from them. I once told a friend the same. His family made their fortune in tomato farming.
3. I have to put on chapstick after I brush my teeth, before I go to bed and before I go to work. I prefer cherry Chapstick brand and Bag Balm.
4. I have an excellent sense of direction. This holds true a majority of the time, and is especially true in a new city.
5. I believe there is a perfect chocolate chip cookie, it is not too hard or soft and does not include double chocolate. I also believe there is a perfect apple that is nothing if it is not extremely hard.
6. I have bad stomach issues that means I can pass gas at any time of day.
7. I use to floss, but have not in about two years.
8. I have not had sex in three days.
9. I dislike milk. I actually crave orange juice when eating chocolate especially brownies and cookies.
10. I will make a deuce at work, see #6.
11. I only wear underwear when exercising, even then it is not a guarantee.
12. I always spell believe incorrectly (thank god for spell check).
13. I do not like cake, especially birthday cake. No, I am not a communist. Yes, I obviously still eat desserts, see #5 and #9.
14. It takes me a good few seconds to figure out left from right.



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