White Trash VD
February 13, 2007

A few weeks into our courtship, Magoo came over on a Saturday afternoon and asked me an important and topical question, "What do you want to do for Valentine's Day?" I blinked up at him as he leaned against the counter of my kitchen. "I called around to all sorts of restaurants and they are all booked solid," he continued, "instead I thought I would make us dinner." I remained silent as he pulled me into him. "So, what do you want me to make? I will do anything to your heart's delight" In that moment I was so touched that I even had a Valentine, let alone one who went through the effort to pick up the phone and attempt to get a reservation, somewhere, anywhere.

"Hot dogs."

"Hot dogs?"

It just popped out of my mouth. But I love them. Love love love them. And I never eat them outside of the months of June, July and August at BBQ's and baseball games. We had several more weeks until summer and I could so go for some meaty goodness in the middle of February.

"Yeah, that's all I want, hot dogs, please."

To me it was enough that he wanted to be my Valentine and offered to cook me a nice dinner. It was not about where we were or how much we spent, but the time and effort spent together. Isn't it about sharing the love and expressing your appreciation for your loved one? I always thought V-Day, was about that idea, even as a single gal. So even as a new couple, I knew I would be insanely happy with just a foot long, a bun and my hon. Plus we eat out all the time, at some of the best places, so we didn't need an excuse to go out and sit with the amateurs paying too much money for a crowded meal. I wanted couch time and hot dogs, which felt gourmet because of the heart that was in it.

That night I brought over PBR to enjoy with our cuisine of dogs, beans, and french fries. He picked up some gooey brownie goodness from a local bakery. We sat on the floor and enjoyed our romantic evening; holding hands, watching TV, walking the dog and retiring to bed. Uh yeah we did that too. It was the most wonderful Valentine's Day I have ever had. So relaxed and warm. Our bellies full and not because we thought they should be but because we enjoyed the meal and the time. We loved the plan so much we are doing it again this year. Hope your day is filled with beef, beans, and warmth.


Blogger JustRun said:

I cannot relate to the hotdog thing but can totally relate to the "it's special because it's ours" thing. Have a great day. :)

5:52 AM 

Blogger Runner Girl FL said:

I agree with the it should be ours more than it has to cost a silly amount of money. We had to do our first V-Day last night and I got more than I expected but all within reason and it was the best I had ever had as well.

Enjoy tonight!!

6:54 AM 

Blogger Ally said:

One of my boyfriends and I set out for Captain D's for VD one year but couldn't find one so we settled for cheeseburgers and onion rings, which was much more fun than a packed restaurant with people who don't usually eat out. Sounds like you and Magoo have a great tradition. Happy VD!

7:02 AM 

Blogger magnetbabe said:

Too cute and so original! I bet Magoo thought he hit the jackpot finding a girl who wanted to sit around and eat hot dogs instead of the whole stuffy restaurant thing. Happy Valentine's Day!

7:26 AM 

Blogger brookem said:

Happy VD. Hope you lovebirds have a fantastic evening- sounds really special. :)

8:47 AM 

Blogger e.b. said:

Thank you all so much. Have a wonderful day. Another thing I *love* are all the wonderful readers and commenters. Thank you.

9:36 AM 

Anonymous dionna said:

I completely agree - with the enjoying each other part, not the hot dog part. I'm not a dog fan and rarely make them, but when I do my s/o is thrilled. This week I announced that I bought chili dog fixins, we were supposed to have them Monday night. Monday night came and I discovered some veggies that were on the point of going bad, so I changed plans - the s/o almost cried. I think the chili dogs tasted that much better on Tuesday because of the anticipation :)

5:47 PM 

Blogger Ryane said:

Holidays like VD are always so much better when activities are not forced. That sounded like an awesome night...

5:12 AM 

Blogger Jacob Da Jew said:

Glad you had a good time.

Thanks for all the comments on my blog.

Come again!

12:40 PM 

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