January 26, 2007

In a free association moment, I saw a crushed cardboard coffee cup in the middle of the street with the words Joe written on the side in bold print and a few steps away was the black lid that once topped the cup off, now also smashed by the traffic. This triggered a memory of a guy I went to law school with. Whose name I cannot recall. He dated and eventually married an Anne. I remembered hers because, well, she was memorable. She wore plastic Notre Dame shower shoes, everywhere. Everyday. Including with a satin dress to the law school formal, or Prom as we liked to call it. I get the whole alumni thing and I know those Fightin' Irish are pretty passionate, but no one understood her. Chris. Thinking about her and those shoes, his name popped into my head. Chris carried the biggest coffee mug I have ever seen. It was white, with a red handle and top and must have been purchased at a gas station of sorts, as their logo was splashed on the side. He arrived every morning to Professional Responsibility with a cup of coffee the size of his head. Literally. It was enormous. I sat there wondering how he held it (I learned nothing in Professional Responsibility and this could be why). I know I would spill such a monster of a cup. Hell, I spill the grande size 'bucks without even taking a step. So I wondered. How did he transport it in his car? It could not possibly fit into those tiny cup holders. I also wondered how he made that much coffee? Did he have giant sized appliance at his house too? The big-as-your- head coffee maker by Black and Decker? And, and, how did he drink it all before it got cold? There was so much liquid in there, no way he could enjoy all that coffee. It could not still be hot coffee at the end. It did not seem possible. Which was why I always believed it was not actually coffee in that cuppa Joe. He was just like that. After all he married Notre Dame. Or maybe I was the one with the spiked coffee this morning.

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Blogger Ally said:

The girls in my law school class who seriously dressed up for Bar-bri, all smoked, and loved to gossip would have had a field day with Anne's attire.

One person that sticks out from my class was a girl who seemed to eat two Chik-fil-a biscuits every morning along with a "chug-jug" (or something like that) of chocolate milk. Then in a class later that day, she'd eat a huge chocolate bar. They called her and two of her friends the "snackers." I think one of her friends was eating pork rinds (it was SO loud) during a three hour exam one day. Annoying.

6:54 AM 

Blogger JustRun said:

A friend of mine that graduated law school a few years ago started drinking coffee out of a huge mug during that time. Now, she still does. I think it's quite the overkill but then again, I a) don't like coffee and b) haven't been through law school.

6:59 AM 

Blogger Accidentally Me said:

I love how everyone has stories about random people whose names you don't know...and I have learned that this never stops. I heard a couple of 50-odd year old women talking about how they always see "arm swinging women" and "dress pants guy" on their morning walks...

7:15 AM 

Blogger brookem said:

I don't always remember names either, but always associate them to things like, hair, shoes, cologne, etc.
Happy Friday.

7:25 AM 

Blogger e.b. said:

One of the things I enjoy about this is everyone's interpretation and impression. I was not sure what kind of response (if any) I would get from this. Thank you all.

7:41 AM 

Blogger Cute Jewess said:

Oh boy do I drink a lot of coffee. But with such a big mug, doesn't it get cold before you can finish it?

8:54 AM 

Blogger acaligurl said:

i just bought the cutest *bucks coffe mug for the car (pale pink & brown) & i get my coffe and get to my car ?$#@ the mug doesn't fit in the drink holder. i hold vw passat responsible. are the mugs tiny in germany??

5:19 PM 

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