First dates
September 18, 2006

My good friend, S, has a first date tomorrow night. We (seriously all of us) are excited about this date. To the extent that we had to convince her to be excited as well. Now she is. I know she is and I know it is genuine. I think this can be a great guy for her, everything she wants but was never able to find. This has the potential to change her as a person (it seems that it is already happening) and to change her into a person in a relationship.

It makes me lust after that first date excitement as well. It also makes me lust after changes. I have enough excitement for her and enough love for Magoo, so that is not the kind of change I mean. The change I mean is that I honestly can see the commitment now. We were in a baaad place the last few weeks. Tons and tons of conversations, discussions and resentment. Now I can actually see good, make that, great things. We went through it for a reason and it made us stronger. While this may seem premature, to me it only took a few good days to recollect the relationship that was there. It made us better for that exact reason. Not only are we in a good place, but it is heart warming how fast we can get there so quickly from the bad place. It is equally as exciting. This is the change that is awesome. This change brings excitment for me. It is not the first date jitters excitment, it is better.

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