Legal Garbage
October 04, 2006

A presumption, compels the trier of fact to find the presumed fact if it finds certain basic facts to be present. Therefore, a presumption is greater then an inference.

If only I knew what the fuck that meant. It would make today a wee bit easier. Its a small wonder lawyers are hated.

I would also appreciate if people did not instigate litigation on the phone. No need for contentiousness. Can we leave it in its place. If I am calling you, it is not for my own productivity. It is because I was asked to. Do not give me a hard time.

Is Rony a man or a woman? I don't know and probably referred to he/she incorrectly. My apologies.

Dial your own calls. If you have the time to sit next to your assistant and wait for her to announce your presence and then hand you the phone, you have time to dial. It is arrogant to do otherwise. Why do I have the time to wait to be introduced to you and for you to come to the phone?

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