Our Little Girl
September 27, 2006

She prefers being alone. A good bone, some heavy petting and the Food Network. Wait was that supposed to go in my likes?

She goes by The Ging, Ginger Beans, Ju-Ju Beans, Ge-Ga, Ru-Ru and Lady Bug.

Her sophisticated palate likes to enjoy such delicacies as chicken bones, dog poo, her ho-ha, grass, bread, cheese, turkey, sausage, pretzels, cereal, ice cream... Just don't give her apples, she spits them out.

The axiom that a dog will not soil where they sleep is not true. It means cleaning towels or bedding and a dog. It does not mean they will not do it.

Her alter-ego is Dirty Paw Magee. He turns her porcelain white boots into a muddy mess. He is not allowed in the house.

She can stand and walk on her hind legs for several minutes. She looks like a circus ballerina, but it is done to give her optimal height for food stealing.

She will urinate on all surfaces of the house, at all times. This includes the bed, during intercourse. Mid-coital she has jumped on the bed and urinated. Not kinky. A mood killer and dirty. Magoo stayed with me and I sprung for new sheets. With think she may be religious.

Her nose is adorable, soft and stubby. It makes the most horrible ruckus. Her snoring will rock your world.

Squirrels are her enemy. Lucky for them she has never caught one.

She loves her daddy, Magoo. She can hear him coming for miles and whines when he leaves her. He loves her right back, kisses and Ginger hugs.

We think she is the evil leader of the dog underworld. Dogs either bark at her or introduce themselves via ass-sniffs. She ignores all. As leader she is not to address them in public.

She had a growth removed and a teeth cleaning in one shot. She came home drugged with a satellite dish necklace. Within hours she broke the satellite in half. Human hands could not have achieved that task.

Her ears are what is good with this earth. They are soft, smooth and long. They stand on attention when she is alert, excited or there are cookies present.

The couch, futon and dirty laundry piles are hers for the taking. Sleeping, peeing or resting, any and all of it.

Every morning she scooches her little belly across the floor. It is her morning routine. She needs it like I need coffee.

Touch her paws and death to you and your loved ones. Consider yourself warned.

Night time involves a Ginger-fying ritual. Blankets, towels and clothes are moved to the just right position. If they are not just so, the process continues. Time is not of the essence, Ginger-fying must go on.

A good scratch above the head is her go-to spot. Do it and become her friend for life.


As an aside - I was just sent this link via e-mail from E. Looks sufficiently random but on point to a certain four legged friend. http://www.petapotty.com/home.html


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