Dream-ing Job (Another Fiver)
January 21, 2007

This was the second tag, this one from from PJ, someone whose posts I consistently enjoy as well written, interesting and often thought provoking. While reading her entry I thought to myself (see, though provoking) that this would be a fun exercise to undertake. And there at the end, she encouraged me to do so. It is something we all probably entertain from time to time, the what if. But to really sit down and think about it, as I have over the past few days, has proven harder than expected. I always come up with something negative or horrific about a certain profession and if I am going to dream I want my dreams to be candy coated perfection. So here goes, "What I would do if I was not a lawyer."

1. A TV news reporter. I could handle sitting at desk in jeans and a blazer and having my makeup done everyday to simply read off a cue card. I can read. I am not talking high profile, Today show type reporting either. Those folks get up at 3 a.m.; this is the reporter that does your six o'clock news. They are pseudo-local celebrities, and seemingly do not work all too hard. Please let me know if I am incorrect. I understand that in certain markets, Tampa included as it is apparently the fifth largest in the nation, it takes time and devotion to your career to land a gig like that. Understood. But this is my dream and I am a reporter.

2. A chef. Again, not a big fancy schmancy, multiple star, white glove type establishment. Too much pressure to perform on a nightly basis. Way, way too much stress. I read Kitchen Confidential and that is some crazy shit. It takes a special individual and leadership skills to run a kitchen like that. They are not joking around on Top Chef when they say you need balls and power. So I am thinking a smaller size venue, that is already established. No need to worry about drawing a clientele, but still have a fan base and a following and you are allowed creativity. Or as a caterer. Same story. The point is, it would be fun to cook all day and be good at it. Because, yeah, in this fantasy I have improved (dramatically) my cooking skills.

3. An event planner. Organizing, planning and making people smile. The idea of simply being organized and having a plan is so enticing. There are set dates and deadlines. There is room for creativity. You are planning (hopefully) something that someone else is excited about and is a celebration. There are flowers, photographs, and food. Picking those out, sampling, trying them on and making those decisions could make me very happy. Notice a theme here?

4. Owner of a flower shop. Same idea as the event planner. Making people smile. Plus being surrounded by fresh flowers all day, heavenly.

5. Photographer. Something I have developed an interest but only recently. Though to be paid to spend the day behind a lens and looking at ideas and angles to capture their beauty sounds pretty delicious to me. I have a friend who is a professional photographer and she spent the past few days erasing cellulite from a client's photos. See what I mean, every job has the potential to blow. But she did this from the cozy of her home. How bad can that really be?

I think I can go on. Honestly, if I had a 6th it would be an owner of a small boutique. This is a real dream though. One I have often thought about, given their relative absence in Tampa. They have fantastic ones in New Orleans that I would use a guide. Seriously, if in a few years this lawyer-ing thing does not work out, come check out the clothing selection I have on store, in my store. Because that is a true to life dream.

I have a few more ideas floating around in here and the obligatory no-no's to go with them. A bakery owner because that would just be awesome, but there is a fear of getting too fat. A professional ballet dancer because the pointy pink shoes are beautiful, but, and for the understatement of the year, I am not quite lithe enough. And a truck driver, because I would love to see the country, but I have a fear of that Oxycontin problem and of driving really big trucks.

You get the drift, if we could dream, our childhood fantasies would take over. How innocent and glamorous it all seemed. We think back to those days when wanted to be a fireman or an astronaut. Or in my case a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins. What were my parents feeding me? To their credit, I think it was a crush on Dan Marino and an era when the Dolphins were good. It was something that seemed so fantastical and magic. Everything you hope your life turns out to be. At least in your dream. Now we can dream out loud and think realistically. So, your turn - what would you be when you grow up?


Blogger JustRun said:

I am with you on #4 and #5, that would be cool, providing business was always good, of course (but it's a dream, so it is).
I'd honestly also like to be a bartender. I end up listening to people and their problems quite a bit and people tell me all the time I missed my calling, so there ya go. Hmmm... and now I'm off to think of my perfect bar...
How productive.

5:47 AM 

Blogger Accidentally Me said:

I'd love to bartend at a beach resort somewhere. Always warm, people are always in a good mood...just seems like a really relaxing and fun job.

5:57 AM 

Blogger brookem said:

I like your #1- I'd like to work for say, Entertainment tonight, or E. Or be on VH1's best week ever. I also like #3, and agree with that one, as well as the boutique owner. Or I'd like to be on a travel show or something where I can travel for free around the world.

7:05 AM 

Blogger Accidentally Me said:

Ooh that's a good one, brookem! Does anyone ever watch Get Out! on HDTV? I would love to be on that show. (Also, the host is #26 on Deal or No Deal, but that is totally beside the point)

7:23 AM 

Blogger e.b. said:

You guys are so creative - those are fabulous ideas. I am with you on the island bar - I can set up a shingle in Key West, practice law and own a bar.

Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel? She gets to stay in all those hotels. Nice idea.

7:26 AM 

Blogger brookem said:

I love the bar one too! Samantha Brown, that's right! I need to check out Get Out!, I have heard of it I think.

10:18 AM 

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