April 16, 2007

I had another post planned for today, which will likely arrive tomorrow. But all day I have not been feeling it. I feel gross. Blah. Icky. My pants are too tight and it is my fault - I should not have worn them. I am just aggravated and my boss did nothing to alleviate that fact. The decision was prompted by a quick run at the NYTimes headlines. I was decided in my decision to hold off on something silly, though important to Magoo and I, in the wake of the Virgina Tech shooting.

To me college was a safe haven. We walked around freely and liberally and did whatever we wanted. I am not kidding - I saw people having sex in the quad outside my window. Seriously though we did not consider risks and safety, let alone a crazed gunman shooting at us. And this was New Orleans, a place with the highest murder rate in the country. While there were no walls and stranger danger was present, the University did an excellent job in making it a non-issue. At least to the point we did not have to think about it. It was a time for carefree carelessness and a time to revel and celebrate. Certainly this time of year when the weather changed and summer break was this close. We could taste the freedom, as we held classes on the grass and laid out during study breaks. For us it meant French Quarter festival back to back with Jazz Fest. Nothing short of perfection. And nothing to worry about, except maybe studying for your Spanish Final. But like today and my hatred of my clothing, really nothing to worry about. I know the same is true across the country littered with universities, including Virginia Tech. That is what college is about. It is the best thing about those blissful four years. That, in part, is what makes this so horrific. It is tragically sad what happened but it is worsened by the fact that college does not mean that anymore. Not to these kids, not to the ones who lost their lives and not to universities who now have to deal with this reality. The freedom of learning, living, growing, and relaxing was so harshly interrupted that it can never be the same. At least not there. That is so terrifically terrible.

So tomorrow it will be back to my reality, but for now I pause and think about real problems and issues and am thankful that mine are only the communication problems I have with the jefe. Truly thankful.

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Blogger brandy said:

Well said. I started a post today but left it unfinished. Instead I'm watching CNN, and am realizing how thankful I am that my university experience wasn't altered by something so horrific.

12:38 PM 

Anonymous dc said:

so so sad.

2:29 PM 

Blogger Bre said:

Very well said!

I find myself unable to comment on VT right now. It's too close to home for me and certainly has shaken up my students. Truly, truly awful!

7:40 AM 

Blogger acaligurl said:

very thoughtful post. college should be safe, and like a mini community where everyone shouldn't have to worry about shootings and death.
this tragedy has me posting on a more serious note as well. or at least an explanation of why i post what i post.

8:54 AM 

Blogger JustRun said:

Well said. I'm having a hard time taking the whole thing in and/or talking about it, as well. I want to write about it, but I can't.

9:47 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous said:

That's very well written e.b., NOLA is (and always was) definately one of the most dangerous places in the country. But one of the most fun too! The four years of school should be memories of parties, greek life, and a safe little coccoon. Nothing more.

10:03 AM 

Blogger brookem said:

i enjoyed this post today, and it reminds me too to take a pause and think of all the many things that i am grateful for.

10:29 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous said:

very thoughtful.

5:48 PM 

Blogger Jessica said:

I feel very blessed today. Thoughtful post...stay away from Mustafa.

8:45 PM 

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