On the Road
April 20, 2007

Since I will be on the road this weekend and unsure of my Internet access on Sunday - you get a PS today. Consider it a Picture Saturday instead. These are pictures from the road. One thing I do enjoy about my job is the ability to get in the car and drive. It gets me out, it gets me easy billing, and because of where I live it gets me awesome scenery. These are shots from the road - some of the same I will be seeing again this weekend in my travels. The pictures were taken at various points between Tampa and Sarasota including the Sunshine Skyway and the Sarasota government building and them placed together in a mutli-exposure frame. It is kind of trippy, no? Have a good weekend wherever your road may take you.


Blogger Kate said:

back at ya. safe travels.

10:11 PM 

Blogger Ally said:

Very cool photo.

And I LOVE work road trips (and hearings in far off places); it's easy billing, and I get to catch up with friends and listen to music.

6:56 AM 

Blogger Nicole said:

Safe travels.

7:09 AM 

Blogger magnetbabe said:

They should pay you twice as much just for driving over the Sunshine Skyway. Makes me nauseous every time.

6:50 PM 

Blogger brookem said:

have a good week!

1:45 PM 

Blogger JustRun said:

Nice photo. Hope the trip was/is good!

4:18 PM 

Blogger Jessica said:

What type of law do you practice that gets you out and about so often?

10:04 AM 

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