Aint She A Beauty
June 03, 2007

We have an orchid that Magoo won in an office lottery type give away. She was beautiful with purple and white flowers. She died. I think she could be alive - all the flowers fell of the stem, so there is a chance she could grow back. I just am not sure how to make that happen. I am pretty certain though that I have to do something about it - whereas before all I did was add water. I am thinking that this was not the right step given my result. Or perhaps she needed a special type of water. For a time there Ginger only drank distilled water. There could be something about my house that brings about fancy water requirements. Some have fancy pants - I have fancy plants. I could do a good old fashioned Google search on how to care and not kill orchids.

Or maybe I ask the one person who knows how to handle beauty. It is quite clear these are not my orchids - they are alive and they are not purple and white. These are my mother's orchids - that she has managed to keep alive. A crazy feat. She managed the same with my sister and I as well. Equally as perplexing and crazy. So she seems to know what she is doing and she certainly has me beat on the orchid front. An easy task but definitely well played. But seriously we all know mothers are sources of all things brilliant and right. Aren't hers a beauty? So bright and vibrant. There is something feminine and provocative about the pistol and the stamen. Yet enticing and gorgeous at the same time. It is not about their scent but their delicate and tenuous positioning. They can almost be taken out of the flower category and placed instead into the artwork one. Tiny pretty delicate petals of dead artwork.


Blogger Bre said:

In my lifetime I've owned eight of those. Yes, eight.

they all died because I suck at flowers... oh for your green thumb!

11:47 PM 

Blogger JustRun said:

I've always heard those are the most difficult. I'd kill it, probably instantly.
The way I tell the plants in my house need water? The leaves start to droop. Green thumb I am not.

5:47 AM 

Blogger brookem said:

these are indeed gems! so pretty.

i suck at flowers/plants... fish, etc.

6:20 AM 

Blogger magnetbabe said:

Have you ever been to the Orchid room at the USF botanical gardens? Stunning. If you get time you should go and then also ask their resident experts how to keep yours going.

It's amazing what mom's can do, isn't it? Mine is still always right.

8:29 AM 

Blogger acaligurl said:


10:33 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I have an orchid that is doing very well. I water mine about every other day (or when the soil is completely dry). Also, I make sure it receives indirect sunlight. The blooms can fall off and it just takes time for them to return.

7:14 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous said:

So pretty! I have Orchids for my wedding flowers!

can't give you any care advice because all I have is cactus that don't take much.

7:24 PM 

Anonymous ruby said:

So pretty! Moms always know the secrets to these things...

6:48 AM 

Blogger e.b. said:

Thanks Claire - I am taking your advice.

7:35 AM 

Blogger Paige Jennifer said:

A cousin gifted me an orchid when I bought my place. It was a brown stick attached to a support post within three days. Though I kept it for another year because I thought it'd grow back. Yeah, no.

12:51 PM 

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