The Reality of TV
May 15, 2007

Alright folks I cried during a sitcom. How I Met Your Mother got to me because I hate break ups and I hate watching breakups. Sure that was an easy statement to make because who doesn't, but whatever. I've really always felt a strong sense of ties to this show but I think that it is just because it is well done and that is the point. Any good writing should draw you in like that. So I cried - even though I knew it was coming because she is the aunt and there is no way they could be together. But still it is just so sad to see people move on and apart especially when the love is there. I mean couldn't you just see the love they shared? I know it made me think about love, and passion, and friendship and god damned breakups.

Okay, so yes, I totally have a problem with separating reality from the TV. I know I do. This is why I don't watch horror movies because I know that a crazy man with an axe for a hand will come torture me in the middle of the night on a Tuesday. I know this because it was on TV. Despite my penchant for the dramatic and my fear of anything remotely scary, those Terminix commercials where the walls talk totally FREAK me out, I do manage to squeeze in Lost. Though I admit it is done a lot of times with my eyes squeezed shut. Well, because, I can't take the death, the pain, the torture, the fear, the anxiety, the not knowing or the blood and broken bones. So, yeah, most of that show is out as well. But gimme those five seconds in between and damn I love that show. And talk about loving shows and love and breaking up and all things great on TV, and we get the Bachelor. Here though I seem to understand that it is not real. Though I disagree with Magoo and think that they are in it for real and they seem to think in the moment it is real. But that in the reality of real there is no way you can form a relationship like that except that you are forced to and you have set your mind to doing so. Therefore, the girls really do think they are falling in love. Because they said they loved him 49 seconds after meeting him. But once they step off the magic island that is ABC they realize this shit 'aint going to fly and that is not love but a game that they played really damn well. Still though I gotta watch it and stayed up late for it last night even though I went home early from school because I was not feeling well. You are never not well enough though to watch, and participate if you are me, in some really really good TV. And really you get a whole post on TV because I spent some quality time watching it both on screen and on my computer, which was really cool because I could lie in bed, so it is ingrained in my brain right now.

Though speaking of TV and ABC - those in the Tampa area can catch the ladies on the 5 o'clock news tomorrow. No not those ladies - but the dogs, Ginger and Soph, should be featured at some point. Because in this situation I was actually living through the TV. Now that was reality.


Anonymous brandy said:

I find that my whole problem with The Bachelor is the fact (like you said), they insist they love him after 49 seconds. Instead of being smitten by their bravery to declare feelings of such depth on national televsion, I end up standing on my couch yelling 'are you kidding me? you don't even know his middle name! what's wrong with you? stop crying, he's going to be kissing all the others girls, what do you expect?!'. This is why I watch American Idol while holding a paper bag. And probably why I watch most tv shows alone. :)

4:45 PM 

Blogger Bre said:

I'm anti-Bachelor because... well the guys aren't all that interesting to me. Too "perfect" and I'm attracted to the flaws that make folks human!

So! The news! For Why? do tell!

4:57 PM 

Blogger JustRun said:

I understand...
The other night, The Bachelor was interrupted here for "weather news" (tornado, big deal) and I was embarassingly disappointed I didn't get to see who he picked. It was on the radio the next morning, of course, but it's just not the same.

5:38 AM 

Blogger Pam said:

I have issues with The Bachelor too for the same reasons..."OMG I just love him!" said 15 seconds after they meet. Yet, I still watch. It's like a bad train wreck.

5:45 AM 

Blogger e.b. said:

bre this guy is not perfect at all - he is the most boring individual in the world!

we were at a dog event that the news people happened to be at and the pups happened to get some camera time.

6:58 AM 

Blogger brookem said:

so cool that the pups are making it to the nightly news! :)

oh i miss half of lost, and 24 because my eyes are closed and im covering my ears. and im the exact same way about horror movies.

8:32 AM 

Blogger Accidentally Me said:

I hate the Bachelor...absolutely hate it. And why does everyone think this one is hot? He is a self-obsessed toolbox.

Any moderately good looking surgeon should be able to find suitable women without a TV show. The very fact that he is on this show implies that he is totally un-dateable.

12:19 PM 

Blogger e.b. said:

That is thing he is TERRIBLE and has as much personality as my coffee mug. But that is what I find entertaining.

12:31 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I love that you think some guy could come at you with an axe on a random Tuesday night... that is SO me after watching ANYTHING scary. I hate scary - I can't seperate it from real life either!

2:29 PM 

Blogger Melissavina said:

I've just recently started crying at the TV. It's so stupid, but a little bit cathartic, you know? I mean, it's much easier to get over something sad when it's fake. Crying over real-life issues is just, well, sad.

4:34 PM 

Blogger e.b. said:

I'm totally suprised y'all focused on the Bachelor. How I Met Your Mother is actually a really good show. Watch it.

2:17 PM 

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