It's Getting Hot In Here
June 11, 2007

Things started off this weekend quite heated. And not of the sexy kind. From Thursday night on there was some serious tension and I would like to take partial blame for dragging it out as long as I did. We benefited from cool down time as I took a solo trip down to Miami. Driving back on Saturday night, with my father at the wheel, we spotted the blazing sunset over the Everglades. Those unfamiliar with the geography - we head due west across the vast expanse of Alligator Ally - and I clicked away capturing the bolden sun as it dipped into the wetlands.

Someone asked and the new camera is a Panasonic, which will have better zoom so these kinds of shots will be even more vibrant. Though hopefully I will not have to make that trip again under those conditions.

On Sunday morning Magoo ran to the store to get breakfast pickings and proudly pulled out an 11 pound bag of cherries. I kid, but it seemed endless and we both realized quickly we would not be able to eat them all.

So while he fiddled around the house and did some awesome home improvement things, I searched for recipes and went back to the store for lunch, dinner, and cherry fixings. At this point it was one and apparently already unbearably hot outside. This was my first foray outdoors all day and the short distance from the house to car left me with sweat trickling down my face and forming at the small of my back. The only way I can describe it, again for those unfamiliar, is like taking a hot bath wearing a wool sweater. It is that uncomfortable, itchy, stifling and wrong. Already hot and bothered I stood in line at the deli counter - my least favorite activity in all the world. I swear my least and I will argue that to my death. Which I thought could come while standing there - from having to beat my head against the glass display as the service was just that horrific and the man/woman (unclear as to the gender as his/her hands were the size of the turkey breast) helping me was in fact not at all helpful. Why is it that this makes me so furious? Already overly annoyed I followed this up at checkout with the man who left his wallet in his car and when retrieved it found out that his credit card was declined. A short trip to the Publix for 17 items turned into an hour debacle. At least they had air conditioning.

Again the walk back to the car from the store with three grocery bags was mind numbingly stifling. Hello summer! Since I was already drenched in sweat, I agreed to walk Ginger and Tom and I got in some exercise. Every single time returning to the house, opening the air conditioned door, and screaming, "holy fuck nuts." We decided to do what seemed logical and most humorous. So myself, Magoo, and a bottle of Jack Daniels enjoyed the rest of the afternoon at the movies. We spent two hours Knocked Up and of course loved every minute of it - what is not to like about absolute humor, a spiked Diet Coke and 65 degree air conditioning?

Coming home slightly buzzed I made dinner, as promised, and tried to make a dent in our bowl full o' cherries. First up cherry salsa. This I made early so we could snack while I cooked and continued to drink and Magoo worked. It sounds wrong and odd (the salsa part- not the me drinking and Magoo working part - because that sounds just about right) but it was delicious and fresh. I forgot to buy the pepper at the store because after the deli counter incident I tried my best to get out of there. Tried being so key. So I used yellow and red onions to give it differing flavors. I also dislike cilantro so I added some red pepper flakes for spice. It worked wonderfully with some chips to dip in or, as the recipe suggests, would probably be good as a topping on a protein.

I then froze an ice mixture of vodka and cherries hoping to make a granita - as inspired by her. While it looks pretty - unfortunately it tasted only like water with mushed cherries - which is actually pretty disgusting. My portions were off. We sipped on the water as a cool refresher to the end of a hot hot weekend and dumped the rest down the drain. We still have cherries left - they appear here to stay along with the sweltering temps from this weekend. Though I hope it continues to remain calm and cool in my house - with plenty of "adult" beverages and good food. And the beautiful beautiful air conditioner.


Blogger Ally said:

The granita at least looks yummy....

So is there no ocean breeze in Tampa?

11:50 AM 

Blogger e.b. said:

ally - not really no, we are a ways away from the actual gulf to benefit from that.

11:58 AM 

Blogger brookem said:

you and your pictures! i just love them. the drinks sound yummy and so does the salsa actually. :)

12:23 PM 

Blogger JustRun said:

Okay, it's settled. I'm reviving my practice from college to drink at the movies!
I understand what you mean by the hot hot hot, swealtering weather. I relearned (yes, that is a word) to appreciate it again on my trip down to someplace humid. It's that darn humidity that get's y'all down there. And when sweat drips down your back at the deli counter- GAH! I know what you mean.

1:11 PM 

Blogger e.b. said:

Oh you should it just makes everything taste better!

1:21 PM 

Anonymous brandy said:

Sometimes I think I live in a hole. Drinking at the movies? Why didn't I ever think of that?! Hope you find a way to use the cherries, they are delicious (I've just finished a few myself) but after awhile can get boring. It's nice to see that you can get inspired to whip up new creations! Now I must go look for a mickey. I've got a movie to go to.

5:27 PM 

Blogger Accidentally Me said:

The bottle of Jack Daniels at the movies is, well...just brilliant.

And you have become quite the domesticated little chef, haven't you? Cherry Salsa and Granita after all the stuff from last week? Do you travel:-D?

7:10 AM 

Blogger e.b. said:

well brandy - a hole i use to live in (new orleans) made is so you could purchase alcohol at the movies - i figure this tradition needs to live on. so go out and carry on traditions (you too AM)

8:13 AM 

Blogger Tony said:

Be prepared for a hot ride from the airport, my air conditioning is shotty, I'm going to try to recharge it myself, but if the compression is shot then it will be hot all up in herre.

8:26 AM 

Anonymous brainy said:

Alcohol at the movies?! No wonder Americans seem so happy all the time. Is it wrong that I'm excited to sneak stuff in now??

3:00 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Oh its not even July yet...Georgia is no better. No one is cool (no pun intended) when they are sweating from just the short trip from the house to the car.

8:33 PM 

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