Why I Do This
September 19, 2006

I always had a journal, yet it ended when I became an "adult". And by adult I mean when I graduted with the JD and was forced into the real world. I stopped journaling then. I think a number of factors are to blame for the demise of the journal. One of the bigger ones was that I did not necessarily have the life I previously had, the one that warranted reflection. I was just a drone in a job. I was also trying to make a life for myself in a new city. I needed new friends, new relationships and a new perspective. While all of this seems to warrant reflection, I think I was too caught up in it to honestly feel anything. I remember not even feeling sad or concerned. I was just feeling and trying to breathe. I was certainly not writing.

Now maybe with time and being more settled I realized I needed more. I also have been a lawyer for two years and the drone has set in. I found a nice relationship that has given me the comfort and time to really reflect.

All of this is how I got here. To be honest, I did not even know this world existed until a few short weeks ago. A testament to my existence being consumed with legal theories, New Orleans and the above situation. I was not using the internet like I am today. This world came to light at a time when I needed it the most. Again, this is how I got here. This is my journal. I can breathe during the day, when the drone is at its worst. I can use it to reflect, as I had done in the past. I can capture all those stories, that I have always loved to tell, and truly share them



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