Wednesday Blahs
October 18, 2006

In my senior year of college I took a semester off. Rather then graduate early, I chose to take the fall semester off. I wanted to finish with my class and I had the credits to take the break. I thought it would be fun to extend the summer, live in an apartment with five girls and continue my kush job for another three months. My boss and employer, were one in the same, and completely relaxed. He was 27, which at the time seemed old, but in reality it meant a ridiculously relaxed atmosphere. We became friends, and still are today.

It was then that I learned what Wednesday blahs are. I only worked Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The rest of the week I studied for the LSAT's, which I took in October and applied to law schools by December. That was my semester. But come Wednesday I always had the blahs. It was generally a rough day. People were unhappy with your work. You missed lunch. I had more to do then possible. There was some issue that prevented your job from getting done. Customers were grumpy. There was traffic. I spilled coffee on my skirt. Whatever it was, it happened on Wednesday. I remember never having a good Wednesday. At the end of those days we would celebrate at Superior Grill and enjoy no-underwear Wednesdays. Margaritas and cheap mexican tended to cure the blahs.

Today is no different. I have spent the greater part of the day fighting administrative battles. I have had to re-do work because someone else lost it. Records we spent several months and several hundred dollars to procure are now missing. I guess paper has legs here, because it certainly walks away a lot. I was rude to a co-worker, unnecessarily so. There is even someone outside my office drilling. I hate the sound of a drill. Blah, blah, blah. Wednesday blah.

Is it because by this point in the week people are tired again? The happiness of the weekend has worn off. We still have work to do and deadlines to meet but we are grumpy. Friday is still too far away to appreciate its significance. So we get lazy and mad. Look back at the past two weeks posts, whining and work crap. Wednesday has always been the day of blah. I irritate easily on Wednesdays. Maybe it is all those factors combined with my own thin patience. I have been going to a yoga class on Wednesday nights. Okay so it is hokey pokey of me. But by the end I am relaxed and calm again. The problem is that it does nothing to get me through the actual day. I am bithcy as all get out when I arrive at the studio. Because no matter what, Wednesday brings the blah.

I skipped yoga last week. I needed to really walk by myself. Power walk, with my i-pod. This week I am also skipping, S wants to walk. It will be good girl time and she promised me soap opera type stories, a big helping of them. Her single girl tales have to be a cure for the blahs. Like chicken soup, good stories and girlfriends. Oh yeah.....Lost, PR and a new season at Top Chef. Yippee. Here's to blah free.


Anonymous Buffy said:

I've never been able to master Yoga. I get the nervous shakes and end up wanting to get at the punching bag.

I've always been envious of people who could find their centre.

I'm still looking for mine.

5:41 PM 

Blogger eb said:

I was a mess when I started also and to be honest I am not much of a yogi now. What is great about the sport is that the purpose is to try your best. Find comfort where you can, not from an outside source or as a comparison to others. You'll get there.

6:23 AM 

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