Flower Power
November 15, 2006

As a teenage high schooler, my friend Amy Weiss had a picture of fresh flowers on her top her desk. Brilliant, a framed pic of flowers she received once. I always loved that idea. It was years before I actually got flowers; I was a slight high school dating dud.....it took awhile before I got boy flowers. My parents weren't the dance recital or graduation flower types either. So, I adore fresh flowers, especially sent to my door or delivered down the hall to my office. They send such a lovely message. I am thinking of you, I am thinking to send beauty, and I am thinking you will love these. The smell, the color and the fresh nature of them brought to your home. I am not really that picky - flowers and I am golden. I just want to eat them up, smell them, smile at them and stare at them. So why not take a picture, put it in a frame and have them with you forever. Sure, the smell is gone, but the image will bring that back for you. Bring the whole package back for you; the person who sent them, the magic of the moment and the aroma of the feeling at the time. So smart. A powerful pic.

These flowers were sent from a special person at a special time. Hey, flowers are always special. I'll take 'em any day, any time, any form. Roses, carnations, sunflowers, tulips, lilacs. You name it, I'll gladly accept it and vase it. So not picky on this one. They all equally bring joy. Tons of joy. Just because of that doesn't mean that they aren't meaningful. The picture helps capture that. I can continue to remember that person, that day and the blooms. I still smile looking at them, I am smiling now. See why I like them so much, they have that kinda power over me.

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