Summer Dreams
November 09, 2006

One grueling Friday, I skipped out early and we headed to Long Boat Key. Amid the concrete, I was picked up in an air conditioned car and driven 60 miles south to the Gulf. The white sandy beaches, a chaise lounge and extreme heat of the June Florida sun. Perfection. We checked in and in under eight minutes I was out of my heels, stockings and skirt instead trimmed in a bikini and flip-flops. First stop, the bar for the local rum runner, towel check and the beach. We plopped ourselves into the wooden chairs centimeters from the ground that touched the sand, dug out a stack of magazines, our i-pods and closed our eyes. I let out a long deep breath and a smile. This is what is all about.....fortunately it costs a tank of gas and $150 for the hotel. Off season. I was not answering cell phone calls and barely speaking. I felt Magoo's hand next to mine, but too much contact was stifling, it was sticky and humid, sweat poured out my pores. The good way that sweat can let the negative work the toxins out. The thought of another touching me was too much and almost felt like the toxic waste would get clogged and I wouldn't purge properly. Within an hour, the sun began to tip. An orange ball surrounded by pinks and blues offset by the white beach and aqua water. Post card perfect. I wanted to capture that moment. Frame it for myself to take with me when the world was too much. It was not just the beauty, but the feelings. A slight buzz from the rum and dehydration from the heat. Exhaustion from a long day, week and month. Relaxation from the over 60 minutes with my foot in the sand and my body sun baking. Knowing Magoo was next to me and I was on vacay. Geographically miles from home. I wanted to capture all of it, put it in a Tupperware container and take it with me where I ever I go. I wanted that moment never to fade, as the sun moved into the west, dipping into the Gulf. We walked for awhile along the edge of the water letting it brush against our feet. Clumps of sand gathering between our toes. Stopping for long embraces, small dances and to collect uniquely shaped shells. I had to pause often to capture the moment. Just turn and stare into the fading sunshine and take in the miles of uninterrupted water. I wanted to lick it, smell it and smile in it. Soon darkness came and I needed to be dragged inside. The nighttime beach possesses a whole other mysterious power. I hoped I could recall that moment, those sensations and the afternoon with vivid detail. I want to be able to reperform the magic, without the benefit of the plasticware to hold it in. I hope this does it. If not it is only an hour's drive away. Not too far to make new memories.


Blogger JustRun said:

I could definitely stand to be closer to the beach.

7:48 AM 

Blogger e.b. said:

It is a huge perk, sometimes I have to remind myself. You have those mountains though.....

8:12 AM 

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