Election Day
November 07, 2006

Today is Election Day. Warning, I am going to dork out here – it is truly one of my favorite days. I also enjoy the coverage at night, probably because I am competitive. The media gives into that urge and lets us spend the night rooting for our guy. Save for the garbage of the media campaign leading up to it, I just enjoy the hell out of the entire day. I wake up excited, like Christmas. It is our only real experience to participate in democracy. It is open, easy and accessible. I am a huge fan of the GOTV efforts, I love that idea. Of course not voting is also an expression and an exercise of ones rights, so long as it is a calculated decision and not just laziness. Yes, yes I get that our vote and the decision calculus used to cast that vote are a waste of time. Your vote does not really count, unless there is a tie. But it is the process of voting that is monumental, the participation in the system. It is also a statement against the other party or other candidate, that you don’t support them. That is the important stand to take, as we are allowed such a privilege. While we get to cast votes for leaders, who may or may not win and who may or may not actually make a genuine difference in the outcome of our political, economic and social landscape, the act of voting is where I get my high. I love the process. That we can contribute to a functioning system. Gripe what you may about the efficacy of politicians, term limits, career scoundrels, Republican, Democrat and all other transformations, the process itself works. That is where I am in awe and where the goose bumps come from. Created by the Founding Fathers over two hundred years ago without any of the luxury we have today. In that they thought, processed and philosophized a system and brought it to life without the amenities we have available. More so, without taking into account what we would look like as a country and world today. Yet that teeter-totter of a new government withstood their best efforts and exists as they envisioned it still. With all the conveniences of modern life, their checks and balances are alive and kicking. That is what gets me. Aaaa-mazing. Of course the politicians of today can be said not to take such bold strides or create such lasting efforts, but in a way as leaders they are filling the role initially laid out by the forefathers. They carry on the traditions. As do we when we vote. It is the union between all Americans, ties that bind us together that also tug at my heart. I am not overly patriotic; no flags in the front yard or anything like that. But the consensus and unity amongst all Americans participating in furthering our democratic processes is heart warming. It means there is a fundamental level of good. When push comes to shove we can do it properly. When the time comes and the shit really hits the fan here, those foundations, those fundamentals, that unity and our history will be able to carry us through.

**No comments on 2000, given the validity of the system and our roots, I lend myself to believe that the process of checks and balances worked and that the outcome was right. A belief in the system has to lead to that conclusion.

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Blogger JustRun said:

There are some politicians that need to see this, that's for sure.

9:49 AM 

Anonymous Tyler said:

This is inspirational and infectious, share it!

10:10 AM 

Blogger e.b. said:

My poli sci degree was useful for something. This is actually why I chose the major in the first place - these interests.

10:54 AM 

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