Karmic Law
November 28, 2006

This was today's Aires horoscope:

Karma works on its own unpredictable schedule, so if you're wondering when you'll be paid back for all the points you've been racking up, you're wasting your time. Just like a watched pot never boils, a watched karma account never pays off. You have to stop looking for payback. Getting benefits from good behavior is merely icing on the cake. Get back to doing the right things for the right reasons.

Since yesterday I have been wrestling with what is right. And by whose standards are we to judge. Further, how far can we go to defend that rightness and whose rules do we play by. The most recent dilemma has been whether to call out others who may not be doing right. By their definition they are fine, but by mine, not so much. Further, they are hurting others. The issue is; am I calling them out just to be a tattle-tale and to say, "hey I am in the right"? Or am I doing it simply because they are wrong. Here the 'scope says keep on fighting the good fight. Just do right for the right reasons, eventually karma will win out. To me that means, they will get their just rewards, or punishment, as the case may be. I will also be rewarded for staying the course. Most likely not telling. The universe will work it out for me. Hopefully it will be score one for the good guy (at least I would like to think I am). I guess I have a little earth mother hippy somewhere inside my suited-heeled body.

We are trained to defend and primarly to win. We take an oath to zealously represent. Harsh, no? Zealous? Really? I scrunch my nose up some thinking about it. Aren't zealots looked down upon, for their rash behavior? I have such a negative connotation with that word. Why am I do take such extreme measures for my clients interests? And really how far is that to take us? Is it when we are comfortable or is it where our opponents are? I am so unclear on this zealous business. I know there is no correct answer. That is until the Bar Ethics committee gets involved. But before that, well before that, thankfully, there is a lot of questioning. This is why I struggled so much with our professionalism classes and that damned exam. It's not that I am unethical, at times I think the opposite is true, I am too ethical. I see black and white. But these problems lie in the grey, as most of life does. Morality is relative. It always will be. For me this is too difficult to grasp and I fail standardized exams. I also fail when trying to relate to others. In college I took an Intro to Accounting Class at the Business School with Beau Parent. Love that name, South Louisiana goodness. He was an institution at the school and taught the same class semester after semester. Notes, tests and the final accounting project were stored in boxes at Greek Houses. We all add access to them. Was it right to re-use such material? Can we justify it by saying, he had to know. Or that we were using resources available to us, to stay competitive in the market. Nope it's all cheating. Just because 90% of the class used them, does not make it acceptable. But then did you have to do it also, to make sure you got an A? Or was it worth the effort to take the time to re-create the project on your own without the assurance of a good grade? I did it. We used an old project. It was easy.

Today it is the same thing. Is it easier to join them than to beat them? If they are using their resources to zealously represent, should I also? Even if those resources are cheating the system? If their moral compass allows for such behaviors, but mine doesn't, am I at a disadvantage? How can I be a zealot then? Huh Bar Exam, answer me that? Do I fail because I am left behind tootling along while they speed forward using not-so-nice tactics? That is where I come back to my karmic horoscope. I have to think the world evens things out. I work hard, get what I need done, I succeed and they get their due too. Maybe my A in accounting was why I got a C in Professional Responsibility, three years later, in law school. The universe said, "hey you are not so ethical after all and here is proof." Karma hard at work, keeping track.


Anonymous Magoo said:

Yet another reason why I love you so much. You are the best!

10:55 AM 

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