Uh-Oh It's J-Lo
November 26, 2006

There is no human explanation for this phenomenon. I consider myself well educated and moderately sensible. I find Magoo's adult cartoons annoying. But when it comes to J-Lo movies I am helpless. I have now watched The Wedding Planner twice this weekend. (did you catch that Alex from Grey's Anatomy, was the suitor?). He knew, down the hall, that I was watching J-Lo. It is hopeless. The cheesiness and bad acting are addictive. I spent last New Years with my sister, Thai food and Monster in Law. We loved it. She knows how to put together slop and I will eat it up. I think it is just the ridiculousness of the stories. Always, always a sappy happy ending. Crazy romantic scenes that are wildly impossible. It is so far from real that we can only imagine it. Just like her life is so far from real. Almost movie like, Ben to Marc in seconds. The two displayed together are what makes good entertainment. Crappy goodness complete with a picturesque "The End" in just the right font. The way we want our lives and stories to end, in script, with a passionate kiss.

The whole thing is so absurd. That is so not any one's life. Who gets rescued? Literally from a truck about to strike. Is there really love at first sight? To the point you leave your spouse for another person you barely know? It is all over the top. Well that's Hollywood and it is supposed to be. But then you wonder, after the credits and the kiss ends, what do they do? Who gets the dry cleaning and makes dinner? How did they ever discuss if they want kids or their finances? In those scenes with horseback riding and drive in movie theaters who had time to assess how the person would want to decorate their house, whether they snore, if they leave hair in the sink, what kind of mate, father and husband they will be. Then you wonder, how much of that is really important and relevant to sustaining a relationship. Is it just the kizmit and fate plus the attraction? Or is it because we are overly analytical and judgmental that we need more time and effort to make something work? Does it help or hurt? Do we actually end up ruining and sabotaging something because we scoff at romance and J-Lo. We need to talk, discuss and explore. She and are characters act freely wielding romance with handbags and perfect hair. They just do. Maybe it could work......Is it fantasy or should it be our reality? Of course this may be too much for The Wedding Planner. But you do wonder what the allure of the movies are (or maybe I am the only one watching), since they play into a dream and a desire. Perhaps it is a real possibility.

Clearly none of that is dug into and we certainly don't get to see it. Not just that we don't see the time spent getting to know each other, but what happens when the romance wears thin. We think that it couldn't work. Isn't that why The Bachelor never worked? They left the fake reality TV and entered real reality. Arguments about dry cleaning won out over good looks. I critique, but I would never watch that movie either. That is my life, why do I need to see it ironed out in detailed arguments. Albeit with pretty people and good lighting. I don't watch horror movies for a reason, it is just too much. To me that may be a horror movie of sorts. So who would want to pay money to see that? It is much more entertaining to be drawn into fairy tales and never-ever I do's. We get to see how we would possibly act in the extreme, with no barriers and perfect makeup. That is why J-Lo is fun. I think that is also why the cartoons bother me. There is nothing fantastical about them, at least not in the fairy tale fantasy way. I get the entertainment and humor, but it is just not my cup of J-Lo.


Blogger IR said:

nice blog ,

you are right movies world over wether hollywood or bollywood(hindi film industry) make "make belive" cinema,but then will it work otherwise?

what is fun in watching your life on screen,would'nt you rather serenade a charlize theron or kareena kapoor(hindi film actrees)

6:04 AM 

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