New Orleans for New Years
November 21, 2006

I sit here listening to WWOZ in a sweater, slacks and boots. Maybe it is the coolness in the air or the fast approaching holiday - but I am thinking incessantly about our trip to New Orleans. We are there for New Years. Four days back since the Hurricane. Magoo has never been, so I get to take him on a tour of my favorites. I am jumping out of my skin excited to show him everything and let him see it all for the first time. It will be that much more fun to see his reaction. He also finally gets to place a picture to all my rambling stories. So it needs to be four days of jam-packed activity. He needs to see it all and so do I. Post-hurricane and all.

Here are my thoughts and a beginning itinerary:

1. We are going to see Dr. John at the House of Blues on Friday night, December 29. Live NOLA music on Decatour. Perfection.

2. We want to do a prix-fixe dinner on Sunday night for New Years. I need help finding menus so I can make a reservation. We want a late seating, we want to gorge ourselves, and we want to roll out of there around midnight. Depending - maybe watch the Gumbo Pot drop in Jackson Square or call it a night. I am even thinking about Harrah's.....let's see how much dinner is though.

3. Um hello, shopping on Magazine Street. I need more New Orleans memorabilia. That is a given - I want to go to these places, for good shopping; here to poke around; here for cool stationary and tees for gifts; and here because I love the smell in there. Of course CC's for a coffee. Mmmmmm I can feel the warmth. That place has the best vibe for a coffee shop.

4. An uptown tour - Tulane, Audubon Park (god I hope they have those adorable elephant lights), the Fly, my old apartments, Maple Street, my most fav Whole Foods. Some can be done via car with me oooh and ahhing, pointing out objects and rattling off stories.

5. Later, I want to do an uptown drinks tour too - The Columns (how darling will it look all Christmas-tized), the uptown houses with lights, including St. Charles at night, Dos Jefes and St. Joes.

6. We need to split a burger at Port 'O Call and a fruity big ass drink.

7. Hit Frenchman street - definitely D/B/A's, but also the Apple Barrel and the other smaller bars, Snug Harbor depending on the musician and time.

8. Spend an hour at Pat O's, both outside by the fountains and inside at the Piano Bar

9. If there is time - walking tour, during the day, of the Royal Street art galleries, the French Market and a brake for beignets at Cafe du Monde.

10. Somewhere, somehow I will squeeze in a po boy and a Dixie beer. Magoo is not a fan of mayo and a proper Po Boy has to have tons of it gobed together with hot sauce and fried something.

Can we do it all? Damn skippy! I am so flipping excited - that I have a 10 pronged to-do list set up five weeks before we go.

Anyone know whether some of these sites no longer exist or if there are better improved places to go post-Hurricane?

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