Deserted Island
January 25, 2007

A few days ago, while playing one of those games you play on car trips, Magoo asked me, if I were stuck on a deserted island, with one musical group, who would it be. I immediately answered Ray. Ray LaMontagne. I think I have extolled his virtues to a few of you on your own web sites. I could just kiss his smokey, smooth, sand paper voice. I think I would forget I was on a deserted island and just lie in the sand listening to him serenade me. That was, until last night. When I saw the Indigo Girls in concert. Thinking back, I must have been listening to their music for over 10 years by now. So it is evident I have a love of their music. But I had never had the opportunity to see them live. Which in retrospect was unfortunate, because they rocked. I swear, unreal. More amazing than I could have ever imagined. Their harmony was perfect. After each song they changed guitars and played 96% of the show acoustic. The venue was a small theater and we (by luck) were blessed with seats a few rows back, so we could see their every move. It was amazing and I wanted them to come home with me and sing me to sleep, that night and every night. What was more amazing is how long they have been doing this and how good they are. It has been twenty years of making albums, singing songs, strumming guitars and touring. I have a live CD of theirs from 1991. 1991! That was over 15 years ago and in that live recording people knew all the words to their songs. To be honest, they sounded louder, clearer and even better last night, than they did in 1991. Seriously amazing. They still play to sold out shows with the entire audience on their feet singing every word of every song. Really, can you imagine such? The pride and joy they must have after all these years to sustain such a fan base and a talent. But there is a reason for it, their lyrics are poetry, they have a message and real social activism and their voices are unbelievable. I tell ya' those ladies can come with me on that deserted island.


Blogger JustRun said:

How fun! I have to admit, I haven't thought about them in a while. I think I might have the same live CD, though. It's super good! Maybe what I needed in my request a few days ago was less "new" stuff and more just to reawaken the stuff gone by. Hmm.

7:48 AM 

Blogger Ally said:

Thanks for reminding me how much I like them. I've seen them in concert too, and they are just incredibly talented. I'll bet I haven't listened to them in several years....time to change that.

8:03 AM 

Blogger Jen said:

I love live music! Especially when I see a band for the first time that maybe I had lukewarm feelings about, and then they totally blow my mind with their greatness. The best feeling ever! I'm seeing Keane next week, and then the Shins next month, so we'll see if any of those artists' live shows are life-changing experiences, as was Snow Patrol for me.

8:05 AM 

Blogger e.b. said:

I had put them on the back burner for a while as well, remembered them, bought the tickets and now am in total I.G. mode.

I like to think I have been to a fair amount of live shows - and this one ranked pretty high up there. The whole experience was wonderful.

8:27 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous said:

If you like Indigo Girls, you will love Ben Folds, or Ben Folds 5. I have no data to support my statement, I am just saying...

9:55 AM 

Blogger brookem said:

Clearly we have similar tastes in music!
I LOVE Ray, and was almost going to use him in my post the other day about Gabes instead of Joshua Radin (have you downloaded any of the songs yet?)
I had the chance to go to an Indigo Girls concert this summer but couldn't make it. After hearing your experience last night, I'm even more dissapointed! They do have wonderful lyrics, and amazing melody to their songs. Glad you had fun!

10:05 AM 

Blogger Runner Girl FL said:

Wow I haven't thought about the Indigo Girls in forever....that's something to add to the MP3 player sometime.

2:18 PM 

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