March 03, 2007

I get words stuck in my head. Like songs, but just one word. Over and over again. Is it Rain Man? Or a stress technique to keep my mind occupied. Like counting. I have been a counter, counting cars, stairs and minutes. I did it on road trips to pass the time. And in class, well you know why. My ninth grade English teacher had a sign over the classroom clock covering the time that read, "time will pass, will you?". Clever, but did nothing to cure the boredom. But we were in school and it was meant to be borseome at times. Today the word is fideo. Yeah sure not just any old word like cheese, which it has been before, but fideo. I can tell you where it came from too. An article in Food and Wine that featured Ilan, the season two winner of Top Chef. His specialty, derived from his Manhattan based Spanish restaurant, were fideos. The article featured the recipe and he won praise for such on the season finale. Go figure. That was what stuck. Go figure that he would win.

What I am not struck by is Top Design. Blah. Blah with a side of vanilla blah. So goddamn boring and I will pretty much watch anything. Which means Bravo, you have effed this one up good. How could you fall so far from such greatness? Despite the choice of Ilan, Bravo has shown serious levels of greatness. But Top Design is a disaster. The camera work is nauseating, panning back and forth between the designers and their rooms. Todd Oldham is completely un-motivating and his voice borders on chalk board to nails irritating. There is no enthusiasm or interest like his counter parts. The three judges have about as much to say as, "yeah." No one offers insight or perspective on the design or decorating world. They point out such obvious things as, "design is subjective." Well kids that is not going to cut it. Not here when we need an hours worth of TV and we sign up to be entertained. Because the problem is all of these shows are subjective, but you gotta pick a winner. And as supposed leaders in your industry you should know a few things about such. You should be able to offer praise and criticism. Like what good taste is. Or how to well execute an idea or plan. Or the theories behind interior design. And how to make something not look like a bag of crap. But maybe that is subjective. All I know is that it has been booted off the DVR rotation. Because it bores me and I am no longer in 9th grade. Which gives me all the more time to repeat fideo over and over again.


Blogger Ally said:

I remember those boring moments in school too. I slipped books inside my text book and read, wrote notes, and generally tried to keep myself occupied so I wouldn't fall asleep.

And thanks for the new vocabulary word: fideo.

12:15 PM 

Blogger JustRun said:

Oh how strage, I thought I was the only one that got words stuck in my head. Fideo is a good one!

6:07 AM 

Blogger Bre said:

Top Design is so painful that I don't have words. It's worse because I really want to like it - I mean I love Project Runway and Top Chef! But everyone is just so... forgettable!

7:33 AM 

Blogger Accidentally Me said:

I have had Mr. Brightside stuck in my head for...oh, I dunno...two years now? Am I really, really nuts?

And I can't wait for new Project Runway episodes. I want Heidi Klum to leave Seal and marry Tim Gunn...that would be phenomenal.

9:06 AM 

Blogger Pam said:

I generally get certain moments in time stuck in my head and I begin obsessing over them. It drives me nuts.

I agree that Top Design has really fallen short. Bring on Project Runway!

10:08 AM 

Blogger Cute Jewess said:

Agreed--Top Design is no Project Runway. And Todd Oldham, your teeeeth! Use some of that Top Design dough for adult braces.

12:38 PM 

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