Freaky Friday
April 28, 2007

Craptastic is a state of mind and mine is there. It also is probably a series of events that led me to this state of mind. But craptasticly fantastic it is. It is fucking Friday and I am freaking tired. Talk about freaky Friday. Four hours of sleep left me feeling like I had been sucker punched in the face. That feeling usually reserved for too many whatevers. But I had two Miller lights, not enough to leave me feeling hung over. Falling asleep to tears and Magoo rubbing my back are not ideal. Some booty in there would have made it better but I would still be tired as balls. I am not sure it was all worth it either. Did I say what I needed to? Was it heard? Why start something I couldn't finish? When I finally pulled the covers off my face and used my hand to lift my head, I find the cable has gone on the fritz. The box read all sorts of numbers that made me wonder if The Others are effing with us. Too much TV perhaps, but still what the H is going on? Well maybe my overdose is cured, as the TV is out until sometime tomorrow. Brighthouse is super courteous and gave us a very usable window of 8 to 8. Nice. Thanks assholes. Meanwhile I hear Ginger rolling around and digging for gold under the couch. Turns out she was the lucky winner of a new ant trap that Magoo laid down. Yeah so my dog was carrying poison between her paws and in her jaws. I am sure that is going to make for a good experience later on in the day. Assuming she makes it that far. I am too tired to worry and too tired to care. Really I was too tired to fight about it, but I managed to get something out. Which is a ton more than I can say for my productivity today. The effort I did exert was just erased by the devil who runs my computer. The impish evil man erased my hard earned billables. Is dizziness a normal reaction to all this? Did I mention craptastic? Happy Freaky Fucking Friday.

Happy Friday to me. Three tall pours of a Malbec and I am back to feeling fantastic. Screw the craptastic. A Friday afternoon nap left me with this euphoria. I swear the last time I napped it on a Friday afternoon could've been college. Who settles in for the evening at 7? If that is the case, hold out, drink a few, and tuck yourself in at nine. But no, tonight I said I was going to be there and I was. Anyone else get nap stomach. The horrific gross nausea in your stomach after a wrong time of the day sleep? So that by 10, when it passed, I was ravenous. I slept through dinner and pushed thru the nausea to find myself knee deep in a pecan crusted brie and pulled pork pizza. I know I ate it and I know it was damn good. That place is my favoritest and I can sit for hours pouring over menu items and big tall pours. Oh and the bar tender with the accent and the magic tricks. Yeah you gotta see him. It is totally my favorite. As I told Magoo on the car ride home, I inhaled it all and cannot remember the tastes of the food. I know other things from the night and I know for certain, based on a quick spell check, that I am drunk as hell. Lets leave it at that. Happy Freaking Friday.


Anonymous Anonymous said:

Aw, girl . . . *sigh* I feel ya.

2:57 AM 

Blogger brookem said:

oh i just hate those shit days. i hope all is okay and even better by the weekend. thinking of you.

6:06 AM 

Blogger Bre said:

Ha! You're delightful!

11:19 AM 

Blogger Ally said:

What kind of window is from 8 to 8? Ridiculous. What's really great is when they still don't make it during the window and let you know at 6 and want to reschedule it. Anyway, I hope they showed up early and you got it over with....

12:10 PM 

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