April 08, 2007

I'm starting a PhotoSunday section. A shot from the weekend or the week that I enjoyed or that may symbolize those events. I am not wedded to it and it maybe a collage or a series of pictures or even a link of them back to flickr. Something to enjoy on your Sunday afternoons when you are lazying around with coffee, the remote control and a belly full of brunch.

This is how we enjoyed our Friday evening. It began with a photograher's exhibit at a hipster coffee shop/wine bar. Because there has to be that /, which meant a lot of wine. Oh yeah and we also ate Greek, surrounded by Opa!, flying napkins and conversations tid bits of girlie bits and coke-a-martinis - rimmed with, well you know. We finally stumbled into the late show Blades of Glory - no beef to Will but I took a 10 minute napper. With wine and dark theaters a girl just can't be helped. Not when that photo was the start of the night - a series of shots shot by a photographer herself with her phone. She is just that good. Enjoy your Sunday.


Anonymous Beth said:

Its a great idea for a post - pictures can often describe something better than a paragraph.

AND...they're faster on a lazy sunday!

12:35 PM 

Blogger Cute Jewess said:

Ah, adorable!!

2:16 PM 

Blogger acaligurl said:

very cute eb.
and the erin photo's are beautiful. the wedding pics... and the shots from italy?
happy sunday.

2:56 PM 

Blogger Bre said:

Totally cute!

6:47 PM 

Blogger brookem said:

i noticed this picture on the side of your blog this weekend and thought it was cute. i wish i was savvy enough to mesh several photos like that together. looks/sounds like a fun weekend!

6:48 AM 

Blogger JustRun said:

Oh I understand the picture thing, as you know. :)

7:02 AM 

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