Opposite Day
May 10, 2007

I think it was Wednesdays in elementary school. The day when things were allowed to be backwards, your clothes, your words, and the early exit. The Dade County School Board gave us half days on Wednesday. Those were the days before it was Miami-Dade and before there was such a hullabaloo about leaving children behind, I suppose. So we made them Wacky Wednesday's and things were designated to be opposites. So today can be opposite day because couldn't the opposite of Wednesday be Thursday? If days had opposites?

Today feels all backwards and I keep having that thought. We went to a restaurant closing celebration last night. Which is fine because you should celebrate the good and appreciate what was there. But really don't you usually only have parties when restaurants open? It seemed anti-climatic. Come, enjoy our food and wine. It's great I swear. But you can never have any again. Ever. 'Cuz we are closing. Ha!

There is this hurricane named Arlene, I think that is her name. No shortage of news coverage on this morning's Today show, but I still cannot remember her name. But really she is going to make some rain and wind. Yet there are these wild fires which have made it super smokey and grey here. How can there be a storm and wild fires? Why isn't the rain putting them out? It's like mother nature is taking part in opposite day too. Where water no longer extinguishes fires and lets us suffer through both at the same time with no relief of either.

I have been having these big nights. Like where I go out and eat a bunch of food and drink tons and tons of wine and it is on school nights. Which is totally opposite because those are weekend things to do and we run up weekend type bills. But I have a feeling that this past weekend's nothingness and this coming weekends similar theme will mean that the weekend will feel more like a Monday. Which is all sorts of backwards and makes me really really tired. Because I was standing backwards in the mirror and looked at my ass and saw things that should not exist anywhere on anyone. So I have also been getting up early to use the treadmill. Which really is backwards for me because usually I sleep until the last minute and I don't generally cut into that for anything including exercise. But I cannot stand to see the back end again look like that and I don't think any amount of opposite is going to make cellulite a good thing. But it also means I am super exhausted from my backwards world and all things opposite. Maybe though I convince my body of the opposite and convince it to be awake, alive, and alert.


Anonymous brooke alexandra said:

Apparently, you and I looked in the same mirror this morning!

9:48 AM 

Blogger Mel said:

If you have the same condition I do when I look in the mirror (and I'm very sorry) the ONLY cure is alcohol and food...then extra time on the treadmill and reading books about loving yourself ha.

We must all be in workout mode for summer....I start my running (or as I'm calling it walkrinng ;) workout tomorrow!

10:13 AM 

Blogger runliarun said:

Thank you for stopping by and finding meaning in my post. You are not a runner but have a treadmill, and I am a runner and don't have one. Is that backwards? I do not actually feel like a runner - when will I if not now? We have really opposite things going on in this state too - flash food and drought at the same time. Only in New Mexico.

12:58 PM 

Blogger JustRun said:

HA! I remember opposite day. We didn't get it once a week, though. Bummer. I think I'll start wearing my pants backward to work on Wednesdays though- dare anyone to point it out! Doesn't take much to entertain me. :)

Good post!

1:12 PM 

Blogger brookem said:

i been having some of those opposite week/weekends, and yeah- they are tiring!

1:32 PM 

Anonymous ruby said:

I was looking in that mirror too, good for you for doing something about it. I got a latte.

2:09 PM 

Blogger e.b. said:

BA: for your sake I hope not. But if that was the case I am blaming the cottage cheese on you!

Mel: trust me when I say there has PLENTY of wine and food. Plenty.

Runliarun: thanks for coming over. I hereby declare you a runner and for the record the whole marathon thing - yeah that makes you a runner.

JR: do it! And then tell us about it.

Brookem: oh god they are and I have another go of it tonight.

Ruby: I am deciding that the solution are less mirrors.

2:23 PM 

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