The Frog and His Shoe
September 20, 2006

Once upon a time there was a small tadpole. His friends teased him and called him Magoo, mostly because he could not see very well but also because it rhymed with shoe. And you see, small tadpoles often times need to wear shoes as they learn to become frogs and hop around. This tadpole, we will also call him Magoo, had a great deal of difficulty with the whole hopping thing, he kept losing his shoe when he would attempt to hop. So his friends, rather then making fun of him and calling him shoe (which arguably is not funny, but just random) opted for Magoo.

Well one day Magoo and his friends, tadpole #1, tadpole #2 and tadpole #3, got into a wee bit of trouble. As we all know snakes are the number one enemy of the tadpole. The tadpole quad had been warned on many occasion, by their lovely froggy mommies, never to go near the side of the pond where the big lily pads are, as it is where the snakes are buried. However, given the diligence of the froggy mommas and their thus far watchful eye over their brood, the tadpoles did not even know what a lily pad was or for that matter a snake. So be as they are, the tadpoles hopped (except for magoo, as you know the history there) over to the area with the lily pads. This was clearly the best spot in the pond to play leap frog. As they commented the same to each other "the pads are the biggest and strongest over here, this is the best place to play leap frog. No wonder our mothers did not want us over here - they want to kill all that is fun!".

Yet soon enough, without fail, the big ugly horrific slimy snake started to slither over. The tadpoles were oblivious to this event as they were so thoroughly enjoying themselves. Before you know it though tadpole #3 was inches away from the snakes big ugly jaws. Only Magoo himself saw what was happening. However, due to geography and timing the only way that tadpole #3 was going to survive in this world and make it as a frog was if someone saved him and that someone had to be Magoo. Wouldn't you know it, Magoo leaped over (shoes and all) and pushed #3 out of the way while boinking slimy snake on the head. After a dazed 5 seconds passed, all 4 tadpoles cheered Magoo. He rescued a member of their brethren and conquered his shoe hopping problem all in one afternoon. Before the slimy snake could come to again, all 4 poles hopped off toward the safe end of the pond and their mommies. None of them ever returned to the big lily pads after that, as they most definitely learned their lessons. More so, Magoo learned how to hop as a proper frog without his shoes falling off. Now he is called Jesus (pronounced Je-sues).



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