Dog, Dog, Dog, Dog and Dog
September 22, 2006

Yes that is correct five dogs. Only one I own. Three followed me home two nights ago. One we are pet-sitting for a friend.
The three stray dogs tore my heart out. It seems that some cruel soul dropped them off in my neighborhood with hopes that someone would adopt them. They are freakin' adorable, well-trained and mild mannered. Two mini-schnauzers and a matching mutt. Clearly came from a home, obviously not street dogs. The worst part was that I could do nothing for them. All animal services in the tri-county area are closed at night, unless you have an abused or injured animal. Thankfully, these were neither. Unthankfully, I was stuck. I have a 1000 square foot condo, that already contains one dog and a Magoo. (Plus, I finally sprang for the maid service, who diligently made my house sparkle just that morning). I know no one who has the space or even a yard to house three dogs overnight, at least until the animal services opened. So the ultimate decision came to let them continue to wander the neighborhood, so that one of the more tony homeowners would adopt/care for them. This plan seems to have worked. Last night, on the way home from yoga, I spotted a Found Dog sign. It listed the three dogs. I hope and pray they find a wonderful home.
As for the last dog of the five. Chase. Magoo and I agreed to dog-sit him while his owners are overseas in Iraq and at a funeral, respectively. Really, how could we say no? He is an enormous ball of puppy energy. To the extent that at 2 am he was bouncing against the inside of his crate. Wholly unacceptable. It even drove Ginger out of the room. Chase, is a sweet DAR dog. Thankfully he will be gone by Sunday. There is only so much dog I can take.
Now for the Ging, we are stuck with her. This includes her frequent urination habit. Maybe this one was her registering her annoyance at Chase. But please, why does she need to pee in her own bed? I guess the only response is, that it is better than her peeing in my bed. Which she has done.



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