The Three D's
October 23, 2006

I feel dirty. Owing to the fact that I have not showered. I always think I can get away with it. Throw my hair in a pony tail and even add a headband to hide the grease. Use extra deodorant and perfume all over. I really think that those just slide of my body because of the dirt, they don’t hold like they do when you are actually clean, when you don’t actually need them. Isn’t that so the way life works? Now I have the grease and slime of too much perfume and the headband mats down the oil in my hair. Not covering, instead displaying it for all to see. I also sense some B.O. You can’t ask your co-workers to comment on that, can you? I know my feet smell, sweat in my pumps. That is one I don’t need a second opinion on.

I feel disheveled. Owing to the fact that I currently occupy a new office space. My files and personal belongings are strewn about the new office. My diplomas are on the floor. Most of them located near the door where they were dropped to insure a quick return to billing. Things are in a cluttered mess. I am of the school of “a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind” though. My heel caught on the lid of a bankers box throwing me forward. I let out an “oh shit” as I threw my hands against the wall to brace for a fall. My left leg is scrapped up from the side of the box. Though I saved my face literally and my ass from hanging out from underneath my skirt. No one wanted to see that, I don’t wear underwear. Maybe there is a bad karma in here, after all, she was fired.

I feel destitute. Owing to the fact that Sallie Mae, Progressive Insurance and a whole slew of other collectors put a dent in my checking account. That and I intended to deposit my expense checks at the Bank of American on Saturday. Instead I took the envelope from the outside teller and brought it to my car and drove away. The checks are still in my purse in their envelope. One cannot deposit money into their bank accounts without actually handing over the checks to the bank. Minor problem. Add that to Saturdays other missions including an attempt to make coffee without adding water to the machine and an attempt to make toast without turning on the toaster. None worked, if you were wondering or thinking that I had some special technology here in Tampa. Nope we call those special talents a hangover. But I think that is pretty universal.

So I want some candy and nap and not necessarily in that order.


Anonymous Heather said:

Take a hot bath and relax. Tomorrow will be better (I hope).

Thanks for coming by my site. :-)

6:39 PM 

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