Cockpail Hours
October 20, 2006

Drunk-ity drunk drunk. One vodka with italian soda lemonade and a splash of lemon. Two glasses of pinot grigio. That night is still young, I wanna keep making love to you, while the night is still young. That just sits in my ears. Not sure who the loving making is with, but the young night part is true. Magoo is out with the boys. Which means nothing. His friends, yeah nothing. Aroma of freshly baked goods and I am too drunk to make my self presentable for the bars in Tampa.


I am back from the Rack. I guess it is rhymin time. Feasting on sesame noodles with too much soy sauce and enjoying Real World/Road Rules Challenge. You wonder aren't these people too old for this? Well no, no they are not. Not with viewers like me. Dedicated. They can say that about me when I die. She was dedicated to MTV. This helped keep random twentysomethings employed by hanging off cliffs and creating pseudo-drama about eating disorders. Yes, she was a noble woman.



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