Friday Fiver
November 03, 2006

I am crapping out....not enough hours of sleep combined with not enough billable hours of work this week - which means I need to kick it into gear in the next few hours. So I am taking the easy way out with these five q's.

1) Name one of your bad habits: I chew my cuticles. I have since I was six or seven. I was promised a charm ring at age 11 if I stopped. I stopped just long enough to get that ring. This summer I tried fake nails to prevent the cuticles from splitting and giving me easy access to the picking. It worked. Until I removed them.

2) What do you expect from friends? This is why I picked this meme. It is not the easiest one like "what is your favorite candy". I expect a lot from them. Definitely in the past I have expected them to be my best friends, filled the roles of boyfriends and family. Everything. And they had been, I have been blessed to find people who have been my everything. No problem with a 3 am phone call, e-mail's during work over bad days, spending vacations together, coffee breaks, drunk nights, tears over boys, bad TV time, dinners, manicures, study time. You name it, I want it all from my friends.

3) What is the last thing you wrote down? Aside from this, a to-do list/timeline of how I am going to spend the weekend. So many errands I want to run, hair appointment, dinner plans this evening, exercise, spring (well make that fall) cleaning. Of course a few hours of football on TV.

4) What is the last favor you did for someone else? I made a new friend last night at a book talk I went to. Turns out she lives on my block. Turns out someone set her alarm off last night when we were at the book talk. So I kept her company while we waited for the police.

5) What is your favorite TV show? Leaning towards Top Chef right now. Lost lost me. I hate torture. Though How I Met Your Mother is consistently underrated, at least that is me.

There you have it. My best over tired, over worked effort for a Friday afternoon. Your turn. Give 'em a try......

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Blogger Rashenbo said:

I hear you on #1... I hate chewing on my fingers... and it's not really my nails I'm chewing... It's such a bad habit.

6:05 AM 

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