Triple Crown
October 27, 2006

That is for the three horses at work today. As in "I am going to see a man about a horse". Three of them, all at work, all today. Triple Crown. Gross and insanely immature to be writing about this. Well it is the little things in life that excite me to no end. And my friends, this is no little feat. My belly was so bloated, I looked to be a good six months preggers. Magoo was picking out names. We pushed on my belly to let the gas out. We both took turns. I even put my hands on top of his for more effort. There was some serious, I am not going anywhere, I have found a new home, kind of gas stuck in there. Well, that was last night. That is why today there were three. That is why it is a crowning success. Triple Crown style. Gas be gone and it was. Ladies, I work with, beware.

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Blogger JustRun said:

Wow. That's closeness, huh?

6:34 AM 

Blogger eb said:

It's funny, I never thought about it until you pointed it out. But we truly have to be, because that is pretty intense.

7:24 AM 

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