October 26, 2006

I am having a distraction of a day. I cannot concentrate on any one thing. Even those that seem entertaining are not capturing my attention; house searches, blog hopping, internet window shopping. None of it is interesting to me. I have my door closed and music on in an attempt to reward concentration. Clearly, I should be doing my work and billing my hours. But I can’t focus on that either. I search for a distraction, only to find myself distracted.

I constantly think about food. Even though I just ate and felt filled to the brim ill from it. Yet, I am planning my next meal. It is more about the break and a way to fill the boredom. Both the planning and the break itself. It is really a diet coke that I want the most, from the quickie mart across the street. Then I think, no just keep your ass glued to the seat, push through and get your work done. That lasts for seven seconds and my mind wanders again. Food, drink, bathroom, the way my hair smells, whether I paid my cable bill, if I should have scheduled that doctor’s conference, what should I pack this weekend, I am sure I can get a diet coke from my co-worker, can I get to the pre-mediation status report today, what time is my hearing tomorrow, I had to have paid that bill, when will Senior Partner get back, did I tell him about the depositions yesterday, yeah my hair does smell like food, I really need to finish that Request to Produce by Monday…..and so it goes. One distraction piled on top of a slew of others. Distracting me from my distractions. Making it so I get nada done.



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