Happy Holiday
December 01, 2006

You think trying to do good deeds would be easy. But as they say, none go unpunished. Stepping out for a dog walk means missing the Salvation Army. No takes backs. Oh but they will reschedule. How kind. For Wednesday. How inconvenient. We want it out, now. Not Wednesday. “Well it can’t be that big,” he says with the kindness of a toad. It was a four minute break, from chocolate bark, toasted almonds and my clothes. Piles of them, folded, but out in the open. Like the futon we are trying to donate. All of it needs to be put away. Time off found me the beloved salt pepper shakers and sad news, this year is the last. All left were the snowmen. Also a pair, this time for Christmas, also as cute. All mine and in the nick of time. Now its Brandon, Kelly and Dylan, the treadmill and holiday cards. We are in Christmas mode here on my favorite December 1 day off. My holiday. A beautiful thing. Well aside from the Salvation Army. So much for their holiday cheer.


Blogger Buffy said:

I'm really trying on the holiday cheer this year.

But the weather is beating it all to hell.

Since when is it 70 degrees in December?

6:04 PM 

Blogger e.b. said:

We here in sunny FLA are use to those conditons. We merrily string lights around our palm trees and consider it a white christmas.

7:03 AM 

Blogger Cute Jewess said:

Someday I will be able to read about chocolate without running out to get myself some. That day, alas, is not today.

9:43 AM 

Blogger e.b. said:

I don't even know if I striver for such a goal. Chocolate is probably going to remain a main stay, if just in small doses.

8:02 AM 

Blogger Runner Girl FL said:

Lights on palmtrees!! YEP! That's us. I am convinced all this white Christmas silliness is to make all those freezing up north feel better about having to be cold. :)

10:44 AM 

Anonymous Blackjack Rules said:

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2:26 PM 

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