Reason No. 637
March 14, 2007

I climbed into bed on top of a groggy man. He was half asleep, with an ESPN Magazine resting on his chest. Tired from a long day, allergy medications, and an alarm set to sound at 5:30. He mumbles I love you's. Half coherently. I ask him for one specific reason why. He complies with a sweet response and demands 10 kisses. I comply. Then I climb back off and head to the showers. Dropping my clothes to the ground on the way into the bathroom. I flip on the light and turn the faucets, only to be greeted by every ones worst nightmare. A cockroach, in the corner, near the toilet. I do what every Florida girl does, I scream. In 2.5 seconds, a sleepy Magoo comes running in. No further words are exchanged. I jump into the shower, closing the curtain for apparent safety. As if the that will protect me from the bug. He reaches for toilet paper, grabs the sucker, flushes him down the toilet, and stumbles back to bed. And that is the reason why I love him.


Blogger magnetbabe said:

In my opinion, cockroaches are THE worst thing about Florida. Yuck. Every Florida girl needs a big, strong, valiant man living with her to take care of them. Anything less simply won't do.

7:20 AM 

Blogger JustRun said:

Ugh, cockroaches are the worst! Thankfully, we don't have many of them here (never had one in my house in 27 years) but we do have spiders and having a good spider/bug flusher around is PRICELESS!

7:57 AM 

Blogger brookem said:

Ha! I'd be flipping out too.

8:15 AM 

Blogger e.b. said:

Oh lord those creatures have meant I sleep with the lights on, that I shower for 6 weeks in the guest bathroom and that I cannot wear certain pairs of shoes because I used them to smush the bug. They are the death of me.

11:25 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Oh dear me I have the shivers even thinking of a cockroach. EW EW EW. Oh and Mr. Magoo ROCKS!

11:57 AM 

Blogger Bre said:

That may be the most romantic thing I've heard in a very very long time.


1:18 PM 

Blogger Accidentally Me said:

OK, I got one sentence in and thought that the whole post was gonna be about you getting laid. And then suddenly, it's about!?!

I am really glad to not have roaches around here, but seeing the rats outside at night sometimes is NOT cool. Every once in a whole you can see something scurry down an alley that is the size of a cocker spaniel...ewww.

5:40 PM 

Blogger Ally said:

We have palmetto bugs in Macon--they look like cockroaches but can fly short distances. And they can be so huge--like almost rat size. The worst is when you're naked in the shower and there's one in the folds of the shower curtain. Argh! Glad you've got someone to "protect" you.

9:49 PM 

Blogger e.b. said:

AM - I will try to look out for you, next time more sex and less bugs. Trust me that is my goal as well.

Ally - oh we got those suckers too. When they fly it is the worst!

6:09 AM 

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