Office Space and Parking Spaces
October 24, 2006

You searched through her office. Door closed, occasionally files dropped outside in the hallway. What were you looking for? Evidence of what? You already got rid of her.....we are not owed an explanation. But when you are in there for hours, eye brows are raised. Was that the reason she was let go? In her condition? With a baby...c'mon really.

We converse quietly amongst ourselves, trying to figure it out. Doors are closed, three, four of us in one space at a time. All whispering different theories and bits of conversations. "Yeah, yeah I heard that too". But no one knows the truth. I personally think there is no truth. It is something amorphous, you can make up as you go along. One answer for this person on this date and a different one tomorrow. If it is Wednesday it must be her billing. Or something like that.

Then the next bombshell. He is leaving too. HA! Serves you right in some ways. Never, never saw that one coming. Did ya? He was your golden child. We teased that his desk should be next to yours, in the same office. He was in there so much anyway. He could do no wrong, though his ability to hide such was Houdini like. He got the face time and ass kissing down. I guess those do win you points. Go figure. Then he leaves. Poor timing to say the least, but completely out of the blue. And for what? Less money. But that is what makes it hilarious. Or heelllaaarious, said with an evil smile, as Magoo does. Literally, it was pointed out to all. Who would want to leave here? And for less money? Have ever a stranger thing been done?

Now you are in a jam. When just a brief moment ago it was jeopardy, my jeopardy. Instead of threats, you need to know we are okay. You smile sweetly at me. Buzz my phone with "hi theres" and "how ya doings". Offer me funny tid bits about claims and cases. Even chat about the weather. Yet you stand there awkwardly looking at me. You know you need to be nice, but aren't sure how to socialize. I twirl my hair around my finger and make sweet banter right back at you. You are skating and need to make sure we will be there to catch you. Funny. The tables turned rather quickly, in rapid succession. Now that is comedy. I know I am smiling. Plus, I move up in the parking space hierarchy. Small and petty. But doesn't that show my loyalty? That space would not be mine if I had not already devoted this time here. We joke that the spot is a sign of power. Clearly it is a joke.

But then what? What does loyalty, and power for that matter, get you? Respect? Hardly. Her boxes sit perched on the chair. Pictures taken down and wrapped with paper marked "fragile". Not a remnant of her left. A single phone call left to determine an appropriate time for pick up. How is it that we go from the friendly to the crude? In six months whose turn will it be? The whispers never stop. We all see through the fake friendly. But we take it and smile back. Why be rude? We certainly criticize for them for their attitudes, that would be hypocrisy. And we are so against hypocrisy. After all we are earnest while associates who would NEVER do things this inhumane. So who knows? One thing is for sure; my escape is now made easier by my new parking geography.



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