Peace, Love, and Happiness
November 05, 2006

I love this man. Maybe it is the new red dye in my hair, but I am feeling like a wild child. I just love those words; wild child. Emotions all over the place. Wild says to me crazy, but in a good, fun loving, embracing life kind of crazy. Not cat lady, jump off a building, muttering to myself crazy. A good cry the kind with heaving chest and shortness of breath, pounding my fists on him, and harsh words all helped. I meant what I said and will not accept anything less. They were not fighting words, they were the truth. I need those things from you. They way I asked, please don't disregard as crazy, that kind of bad crazy. I mean it. I know it hurts you, but keeping it in me is frustrating. Airing it out has to be good for us. I don't doubt our future, I know that we can work. We will be good, we can listen and communicate. We yell, sob, pause and then process. The silence kills me, but it is the words registering. Then we make up; a tentative hand, hugs and kisses and a long embrace. It is how people interact and how people grow. Liars, are those who say they don't argue. I call bull shit. No one is perfect. So how can a relationship be perfect? It is impossible. Down right impossible. How else is progress made? How do you get here without the bold emotion? Now I am at peace. I am exhausted from the emotional outpouring. My eyes sting, my head pounds, I am tired. But it has left me with a happy warm feeling as well. I want to move into bed, with a comforter, clean sheets and him. Hand to hand, head to head, leg to leg. That kind of warmth, that kind of peace.


Blogger Lauren said:

Awww. Love. Aint it grand?

(Surfing in via NaBloPoMo)

7:48 PM 

Blogger JustRun said:

Aww, you guys are cute. I hope you find strength in each other.

6:01 AM 

Blogger e.b. said:

Thank you. He is my rock and a gem.

7:00 AM 

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