One Million
April 05, 2007

Enough with the whining and the drama and the ranting, onto bigger and better things. As my birthday approaches I do what we all do at that time of year - ponder what I would like to receive from my super generous friends and family. My mind wanders to all the glorious objects out there and to items I have ruminated on over the past year and pointed out as things I will ask for that for my birthday. Then I really think about the things that I really want but most likely will never in a million years actually get. And that is how we got here. The following list is a wish list a la if I had a million dollars. Because I sure 'aint paying off my loans - that is not any fun. But these are, for the most part, practical requests. Yes I swear they are. While they may seem extravagant and frivolous all lined up together, they are not ridiculous. Well not super ridiculous. At least not to me. And it's my birthday so I don't want to hear it.

  • macbook - just the basic one, as if a grand is basic. My lap top is on its last legs, no seriously the cable guy laughed at me the other day, and I want to go mac.
  • i-pod - I have the shuffle but I want one with more capacity and that is not two years old and finnicky.

  • An SLR camera - no explanation needed. Though I will take the Canon Rebel or the Nokia D40, 50 or 70. Thank you.

  • Bose speakers sound dock - to hear all my new i-tunes.

  • Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer - I am thinking red to match the new kitchen

  • Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag in either the 25 or the 30 - the problem is I can't decide. Life can just be oh so challenging. Though I have also seen them on e-bay which can prove to be quite useful in that they are substantially less money. *Hint*hint*.

  • David Yurman - this ring will do. But I am in love with him in general and I will not turn down other jeweled gifts.

  • Diamond stud earrings - simple and classy for everyday wear. And to be honest the smaller the better. Seeee, not super ridiculous.

  • Brooch- not the old lady kind either. A nice one to wear on a suit jacket and one that is me.

  • Her rings are adorable - as are hers. The multi-colored ones are funky, yet dressy almost cocktail rings.

  • Since I am stuck on a jewelry kick - her stuff is perfect This, I swear, is reasonable and I truly do want a charmed bracelet and not one that will weigh me down. So her single seahorse would be my choice.

  • Maya's semi-precious stone necklaces are dainty and classy.

  • I am stopping now because my online jewelry searches are getting out of hand and I have not even begun to look at watches, but if you are asking, Cartier is just fine. Clearly I am not really asking for these things, though I would by no means turn them down. And what girl wouldn't be able to find just one thing on this list she would say yes to? They are just on that wish list for that one in a million chance I win the lotto or have been secretly mis-informed that I am not a trust fund baby or something like that.....ah sigh. Got anything to add that I may have "missed"? Happy Shopping!

    *Housekeeping note - some with Reader or Bloglines may have seen this initially. Blogger effed with me and I had to take it down and redo it.


    Blogger brookem said:

    oh i love it all! especially the macbook, the rachel leigh rings, and maya's necklaces!!
    when's your bday, and are you a taurus?

    6:48 AM 

    Blogger e.b. said:

    I don't know what is going on with the font and I am too too annoyed with Blogger right now to fix it. I am pretty sure it will change back though.

    Brookem- I am am Aires, so it is approaching, two weeks from today :)

    7:45 AM 

    Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Happy early Birthday! I'd be up for a couple of those presents myself!

    8:41 AM 

    Blogger Natalie said:

    For being somewhat plain Jane and utilitarian, I'm a total jewelry whore. Love it. Loved the Rachel Leigh rings you showed. My engagement ring is not even a year old and I still go on the internet looking for diamonds. Like one of my professors said, "I bought her a ring thinking diamonds are forever. But they're not because she keeps wanting more!"

    8:43 AM 

    Blogger Pam said:

    Happy early birthday fellow Aries! Mine is a week from Sunday ;).

    11:38 AM 

    Blogger e.b. said:

    MB - I have no idea what Bloggers deal is and why it insists on using your name. Sorry.

    Glad I could entertain y'all. It is fun isn't it?

    12:28 PM 

    Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Let's go shopping!

    6:49 PM 

    Blogger JustRun said:

    Sounds like a good excuse for shopping, as well!

    7:01 PM 

    Blogger JustRun said:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    7:01 PM 

    Blogger Cute Jewess said:

    Happy almost birthday, and I'm sure someone will see this post and get you something you're dying for!

    7:57 PM 

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